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Can you junp

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Ricochet450 #1 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 02:20


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a tank in the tech tree? In other words do you have to go thru each tank in the tree or can you jump from a tier 3 to a tier 5 or 6 tank?

USMarine #2 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 02:23


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Two words.

"Free Experience"

I skipped right over the Hetzer, and all the way up to the T-34 & T28.

SHISHKABOB #3 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 02:24


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if you get enough free experience to get through a whole tank, then yeah

or you can go from one tree to another in some of the few times it happens. Like the T-34 Russian Medium to the SU-85 Russian TD. You'll skip all of the Russian TDs that precede the SU-85.

Other than that there's really not anyway to jump a tank since if you don't have gold, the exp on a tank can only be used on research options on that tank, and if two tanks are connected, there's no way to get from the one to the other.

Vammal #4 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 02:24


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You can't "jump" through tanks in tech trees. In order to get a particular tank, you have to go through each tank in that branch of the tech tree.

For example, in the American tech tree, if you want to go from the M3 Lee to the M6 Heavy, there is no way you can get the latter without first going through the T1 Heavy; you can, however, save up enough free experience points and use it to unlock the M6 Heavy right after you've unlocked the T1 Heavy.

UNTIEDSTATES____OF__AMER #5 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 03:10


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Actully no but also yes if your doing it the way that uses no free exp no but if you use the was with FREE exp that yes you can jump to tanks but it cost a lot of free EXP to skip a tank.

Gaglug #6 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 03:53


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I skipped the M3 Lee by spending free xp to unlock the next two vehicles.   I played through it once in beta, and nobody should be forced to do that twice in a lifetime.  :P

KyourakuShunsui #7 Posted Aug 03 2011 - 04:07

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I skipped the Jadgpanther to get to the Ferdinand when it was half off using free experience. So you can do it, but it takes a long time to save up free experience unless you use gold to convert elite tanks experience.

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