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Suggestion for Equipment / Mission / Account specific messaging

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Caecias #1 Posted Oct 18 2016 - 00:29


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I'd like to see information in WGC about my planes, tanks, and ships, such as:

  • the anniversary missions for my planes in WoWp, and the expected rewards for completing the missions....
  • general events and missions applicable to my tiers / equipment / account
  • more!


I would think this launcher could serve as not only as a great communication tool for stores / specials / deals, general news and application updates as it is doing so now...  but also what's applicable to my account.  Being able to get an overview of what planes or tanks or ships I have that have anniversary missions pending would be ideal as monthly missions are already part of the messaging bulletins.






Computer Specifications:

Win 10 Pro Anniversary

Core i7; 8 GB RAM; EVGA Mobo & EVGA nVidia GTX 660

40 Mbs ISP connection; 10/100/1000 Ethernet local

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Potemkyn #2 Posted Oct 20 2016 - 03:19

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So far, it is posting more of what is on the WoWs or WoT Home page.  That's a start. 


Wonder if it could have access to your player information:tanks/ships and how they are outfitted.  Your stats.


I would love to see stats from my last battles.  Esp since if you get dropped (internet), you loose all that information.



rubberboot #3 Posted Oct 22 2016 - 06:26


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feature requests


- would be nice if there was a tab where you could watch game streams (link to twitch?) if you don't feel like playing

- when downloading, it tells you how may GB's are remaing, but not an estimated time.  the amount of time left is more important to me the the GB's remaining

- rather see more news items than the sale items.  just because they are more prominant, does not mean i am going to spend money... a good, well balanced game will do that

- need to be able to add the public WOWS test client


what i like


- simple layout

- intuitive

- everything is functional (so far..)

- while it does have a link to the forums for tech support, it would be nice to have a launcher supported bug reporter that takes you to a form with the info you require (ie enter computer specs here, what was the bug, what were you doing, etc)

- downloader worked first try (downloaded WOT)

Smokeader #4 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 00:56


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rubberboot, plus 1.  Well typed!

OtterWolf #5 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 16:13


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On the new game installer tab, it would be nice to see the download size by hovering your cursor over the install button.


Fire #6 Posted Jul 22 2017 - 18:03


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I have two ideas and don't know how to get the word out.



1) a "1 day" to "7 days" of historical premium account

this can give a "non-premium" player decide to pay gold to gain more experience point as if they had a great few days of playing.

a record of the games played and the player can pay to "turn back time" to perchance a premium account


I was in the military and never knew if I was going to be home for a few days or months. I have gotten a years of premium and was away for 6 months. So I did not buy a long premium account for a long time (years). It would be a great option to "turn back time" to play great games and know you don't get called away.


2) a custom tank for sale

build your own (say tier 6) tank.

different points or cost for parts and guns

Everything can is available (within reason) put a small gun and no armor for a fast tank but low survivability.

or a heavy tank could be the best of everything but the engine could be too small and they made a "bad" tank

This would change the game a lot.



Fire from NA



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