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Platournaments - October 25th, 27th and 29th

3v3 Tier V Team Solo

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dance210 #1 Posted Oct 19 2016 - 17:12

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All active tournaments can be found by searching the Tournaments Home Page. Interested in what we having coming up? Check out the eSports calendar!



A player has two ways to register for the Platournaments! When you create the team, make sure that you are using the correct registration!

  • Register as a Team!
    • Registration works the same as normal.
    • Team captain makes a team and recruits players to join.
    • A complete team has 3 - 4 players.
    • Captains do not need to submit their team; all teams with the minimum number of players will be accepted.
    • The team is now ready to fight once the tournament starts!
  • Register as a Solo player or as part of a Party!
    • A party is a group of players that does not meet the minimum team size requirements.
    • Create a team. Teams do not need to be confirmed; all players will be accepted for the Solo/Party Registration.
    • Once registration has closed, the player will be combined with other solo player(s) and/or a party to form a complete team
    • After registration has closed, players are encouraged to check back to find their new team!


So how do you register as a solo player? It's easy! When you create a team, there will be Registration Option with a drop down menu. Simply switch from Register Team to Register Solo and you are ready to go!






October 25th, 27th & 29th:



  • Team Size: 3 combatants + 1 reserve
  • Tier Point Limit: 14
  • Tier Limits:
    • This represents the max tier allowed. Teams are allowed to bring lower tiers.
    • Light: Tier 5
    • Medium: Tier 5
    • Heavy: Tier 5
    • TD: Tier 5
    • SPG: Tier 5
  • Maps:
    • Tuesday: Mittengard
    • Thursday: Mines Encounter
    • Saturday: Lakeville Encounter


Team Tournament Rating System

Attention tankers! We are introducing a tournament rating system, to assign teams to specific groups! This rating system will allow teams to face others at or around their rating level. Please see below for some important information.


  • Each player has a rating based solely on tournament battles. The rating does not include statistics from random battles, team battles, clan wars or strongholds, including win rate, Personal Rating or WN8.
  • The system tracks tournament participation from March 2016 to the present. Any tournaments before March 2016 are not counted.
  • The team rating is the average rating from members of the team.
  • Team rating is determined for each tournament, so teams may be placed in different groups depending on past performance.
  • Teams are seeded into groups based on their rating - each group will have teams with a similar rating.
  • A new team is a team with players who have never participated in a tournament or has only participated in a few tournaments.
  • A new team will only face other new teams.
  • After completing several tournament, a new team will no longer be seeded with the new teams.




stinkybean60 #2 Posted Oct 19 2016 - 17:59


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Effnn #3 Posted Oct 24 2016 - 02:05


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I have many tanks with great crews.

PM me here or in game .

mpank #4 Posted Oct 27 2016 - 20:34

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Thurthday tourney is featured on GosuTactics: http://gosutactics.com/tournaments542-platournament-102716/

All teams and schedule is up!

tanks4mems #5 Posted Oct 30 2016 - 04:15


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A Suggestion:  For those entering as a single player, please, amend the alert messages.

I joined as a single player.  And, I should point out this is my first 3x3 tournament.  I joined because you allowed singles to enter and be matched with other players.

Earlier today I received a message/alert stating my team has been disbanded and I've been removed from the tournament.  (what?  I thought we were to be matched with other singles...) 

2 hours before the tournament I received a message/alert stating my tournament match begins in 2 hours (what?)  okay. 

So I, happily, entered the tournament.  Unfortunately, I was the only 1 from the team to fight the first battle...no one else showed.  1 other player showed for the 2nd match...he had some technical difficulties, but we had fun...   I can't say the others didn't show due to apathy, but I almost didn't show because of the first message/alert.  Maybe for single players it should say something more accurate...like your team has been disbanded, you will be matched with other players prior to the tournament.  Or, please, check the tournament page before the tournament begins.for your team assignment.   Just a thought...   Since I fought most of the battles 1 vs 3, I had fun trying new things with no care for the outcome...not a bad way to spend an evening  :)

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