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Is the T34 balanced?

T34 American Heavies Premiums Tier 8

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Oo_RNGesus_oO #21 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 07:24


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View PostSMBakerESQ, on Oct 28 2016 - 13:43, said:

Its certainly isn't overpowered.  The only reason it even makes money is that it doesn't need premium ammo. otherwise with that DPM and handling and slowness its tough to get off a bunch of shots.  The turret is nice, but with the gun handling you cant just pop over a ridge and snap shot someone.


It just needs help in a bunch a little areas, a little more dpm, say 4.4 rounds a minutes, a little less aim time, like 3.1 (they even buffed the KV4 aimtime, come on) a little less on the hidden stats as its .32/.32/.26 vs .26/.26/.16 for IS3a, 50 more HP so it would be same top speed but able to move around a little better (or better terrain resistances).  A few little changes would improve it a lot and make it fit better. 


Its still better than the Lowe though.


I'm a [edited]ter and 50k credits average every battle is sweet



RushingJaws #22 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 07:43


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View Postlbgsloan, on Oct 28 2016 - 14:11, said:

T34 is troublesome to balance because the T32 gun is such trash and WG won't buff it.  Give the T34 better handling and there's little reason to play it over the T32 in pubs IMO.  Compared to other premiums though it needs a buff.  The IS-3A gets similar firepower with better handling, DPM, armour, and mobility.  If they buff the Lowe, which WG claims they will in the near future, the T34 needs a buff as well.


T34 is actually better than the IS-3A in most situations.


Better dispersion, feels a tad bit faster, and reliable turret armor. Also, the gun does a bit more damage. Really, the big struggle with the tank is waiting long enough for the aiming circle to zero in on a target. I haven't bothered testing but I could probably manage a better credit ratio with the T34 as well.

CravenCBD #23 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 07:45

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The reason the T34 is so horrible, imo, is because of the required playstyle. The pen and lack of hull armor should indicate that it is not a frontline tank. However, if you aren't somewhere close to the front lines good luck hitting a single shot. This makes you inherently vulnerable to being rushed and or flanked at a moment's notice. I played a game in my T34 last week where I had arty levels of atrocious RNG. I hit 5 of 7 shots fired, but didn't pen a single one because the shots were flying off target. (PM me for replay, it is embarrassing) It is by far the most unreliable gun in my entire garage. I have better luck with the KV-2 and the O-I. Not to mention the DPM that leaves much to be desired. The only time I bring it out is when a friend wants to play at tier 8 and I'm all out of doubles at that tier. It is only good at training US heavy crews, and even then it's utility is marginal at best. 


Block Quote

Better dispersion, feels a tad bit faster, and reliable turret armor.


What tanks are you comparing?!?

IS-3A has the following dispersions: .26, .26 and .16 

T34 has the following dispersions: .32, .32, and .24

The only difference is the stationary accuracy which shouldn't matter for the IS-3A since it is a front line brawler. The T34 is basically a gimped tank destroyer.


If the T34 "feels" faster than the IS-3A that's because it is 2hp/ton better in specific power. That is quickly nullified by the horrendous ground resistances on all terrain types.

Not to mention the 35 top speed of the T34 vs the 40kph of the IS-3A.


Lastly both turrets have armor ranging from 250-500mm of thickness. The main difference is the roof armor of the T34 which is FAR weaker than the roof on the IS-3A. 


Block Quote

Also, the gun does a bit more damage.


This is the only thing you got right, and it's only a 10 damage difference. Meanwhile the DPM difference is nearly 400 damage. 


Please enlighten me to which situation, other than cresting a ridge, when the T34 is better than the IS-3A.


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zezowaty #24 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 08:13

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this tank is not too bad compared to sLowe which I have grown to despise and regret ever buying. This tank is not a "front" line tank but it belongs on the frontline. You are a front line support. This means you let the bIaS3 go in front of you and you support it. As long as enemy tanks have something else to shoot at you be ok, this is key. Your reload is slow so you must play where you can back off into cover or hide behind the bIaS3, another key. Gun handling is bad that is why you have to be close and even then you have to somewhat aim in or you hit dirt.


For crew skills BIA is a must I also run vents and cola to cut down on the reload and aim time, 12.12 sec reload is longer than bIaS3 reload. Turret armor is very misleading as everyone with a 120mm gun will punch through the top plate, So really you discover that you have no armor anywhere!!!


T34 is my second most played premium, SuperPershing being my personal favorite. However I would not buy any premium tier 8 tanks at the moment. The tanks that are coming out now out of WG factory are just so overpowered that these things will be garbage. Just take the Skorpion G with a tier 9 gun and a rate of fire almost doubled!!! I wait for more pay to win tanks to come out!!!


Good luck

JTM78 #25 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 08:27


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I am voting for the T 136 turret from the T 29 to added to the T 34. Better view range and quicker turret traverse.

Wtornado #26 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 12:54


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It could use a little more frontal hull armor for a 70$ Cdn tank.


You do not buy it to please the devs wives so that they have

money when they go shopping you buy it to be a good credit maker.

Guido1212 #27 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 13:51

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It's a good tank.


The armor simply doesn't matter.  Just like it doesn't matter on 90% of the tanks in the game.  In fact, if you are angling it up a bit (such as a position where you are using a rise and your hull in inclined upward) the upper plate is quite effective.  Move up to the front like any heavy tank and work side scrapes, any hull down terrain (anything to block a shot at your hull, which is standard for nearly any tank)  you can find especially hills and rises.  Avoid pushing alone and be patient with the reload.  You need not fear any tank in regards to penning it.  Using a bit of gold (like all your enemies will) solves most issues the tank has.  Gun hits very hard, so the reload is less of an issue that most think so long as you get a pen, and the pen is very good indeed.


Plus, makes credits easily, and trains American heavy crews well.  It's very good, well balanced and fun to play, especially when allowed to peek rises and use the amazing depression.

spud_tuber #28 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 14:18


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The T34 is very slightly underpowered.  Among non rare T8 premium heavies, only the Lowe is indisputably worse.  The FCM is worse for below average players and better for above average.  All the rest range from mildly better to severely OP.  If all those OP tanks were brought under control, the T34 would be in a good place, but as is, it looks far worse than it is due to comparison with its competition.

Willy_W_Wonka #29 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 14:46


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Just buff the base dpm of the T34 to 1.8-2k and one of the main complaints would immediately solved, as for the gun handling and mobility I agree the tank needs some love in those areas as well. 

RushingJaws #30 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 18:58


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View PostCravenCBD, on Oct 29 2016 - 06:45, said:

Please enlighten me to which situation, other than cresting a ridge, when the T34 is better than the IS-3A.


It's more accurate with a better penning gun, capable of engaging at longer distances. Yes, the T34 takes ages to aim and any sudden adjustments can drag out that process painfully but at the end of the day, it's going to hit targets more reliably. Bloom is the only real problem but you can compensate for that by picking where and when to shoot. You can't fix bad accuracy though.


IS3-A is just a terrible IS-3 with one less crew member, so it's not really good for crew training. It's designed to brawl and unless you're against idiots, the fact that it has better armor isn't going to give you that much more of an advantage. Oh and the HEAT round on the IS3-A is pretty...lackluster, when you consider how unreliable the gun can be.


Both tanks are premiums put into the game to print credits and the T34's gimped TD status does not detract from that.


(Also, the turret roof is worse on the IS3-A but the T34's is easier to hit. :P)

Savage__Apples #31 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 19:15


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View PostExplodo, on Oct 28 2016 - 07:07, said:

I actually enjoyed the T34 when it was a tier 9 because they recognized that it had no armor and gave it great dpm and handling. When they made it a premium they just took every stat and made it much worse.  I simply can't tolerate that everything it does is SOOO slow.  You have to play it hull-down and if that's not an option due to the map you have to play it as a bad sniper because your overall armor is terrible.  I agree that they need to buff it when they buff the Lowe.



I agree the original tier 9 T34 was freaking awesome. I miss that tank soooo much, especially the 120 of doom.  Remember running those in a wolf pack and destroying everything we ran across.  Now the only thing the current T34 has in common with its former tier 9 self is the name. I mean they nerfed it 2 times since making it a tier 8 premium.

Grand_Cookie #32 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 20:46

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The biggest thing I'd say, is either a buff to dispersion or aim time would do a lot of good.

I'd like to see it be a little more agile too. It turns both the hull and turret sooooo slow.

Trauglodyte #33 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 21:27


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The turret is pure troll [edited].  I hate that damned thing, the T29, and the T24E3.

noupperlobeman #34 Posted Oct 29 2016 - 23:50


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I personally find it pretty comfortable to play.


But, then again, my American heavy crews are decent. I bet it's pretty frustrating with a fresh crew.

orangeandblue #35 Posted Oct 30 2016 - 00:58


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I like being able to take huge chunks of HP when a shot hits home in the T34. I use a vert stab and EGLD combined to help negate the horrific aim times.

Frank_is_the_tank #36 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 01:04


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dan is the man

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anonym_OlK73e329bMY #37 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 01:16


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View PostFrank_is_the_tank, on Nov 09 2016 - 20:04, said:

All the beans on here don't know what they are talking about. They haven't played enough, or don't know how to compare.


T34 is a bad tank. It has the worst of everything, except for high pen.


Not only it has lowest damage per minute, it takes a long time to aim. You have to expose yourself for a very long time when the enemies only peek out for a second, or two. If you fired once, the enemy fired 3 times back at you, and more accurately.


Hull down for what? it has the biggest hull. You can't fully hide it most of the time. Also, in a one vs one, they will most likely go around you. A heavy tank, but play in the back. That is funny.


T32 is played similar to T34, but it is much better in comparison. Give up high pen, but faster everything. High pen maybe more useful vs. tier 9-10. Not much in lower tiers.


Yes, playing style is important, but you are talking about using skill to make it better. It is okay to play it for credits, but definitely not balanced. I'm tired of complaining about the T34, so this is my last post.


Wot doesn't seem to care. They only make it looks good on paper. Even the new premium tier 8 Skorpion G beats the T34 in high pen, and damage per shot.


don't forget it has 400 alpha, a solid turret, and some of the best depression. it takes some time to familiarize yourself with its weaknesses so you can play it well though, and that might not be worth it for you. for me it was since it was my only tier eight premium for a while and i needed a lot of credits

Vladamir_Inhaler #38 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 06:41


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To be honest I think it's fine and reasonably balanced overall, but one area that it does lack in is hull traverse - turning that thing is a nightmare.

Inqubi #39 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 06:42


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The T34 and Lowe are both pretty bad. Granted they are not terrible - you can make them both work to earn credits.


What has changed recently is a shift in unwritten WG policy, that Premium Tanks are meant to be worse than fully upgraded tech tree tanks of the same tier... the tiger 2 is superior to the Lowe, the t32 is better than the t34.


However the arrival of new premiums like the t26e5 which is vastly better than the t34 and arguably as strong, if not better than the t32. Leaves the T34 looking like a bad tank - sure it's got great standard pen, but honestly that's all it has... it even has less alpha than the new Russian IS6 prototype & yet still somehow loses out on dpm.


This is classic "power creep".


SpitYoYoMafia #40 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 07:42


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No it's not balanced and for several reasons. the turret is beyond broken. Either you have a T10 TD gun or you are spamming high pen premium rounds to pen it or you are just getting deleted by one if it goes hull down. It's slow as hell and gets no where and is team reliant and a massive arty target. the hull is laughable at best and will almost always be penned especially when the premium is turned on just forget it. Not to mention that the sides of the turret are just as broken because of how thick it is and how rng can troll people even when it's almost completely flat.


The DPM is beyond garbage, it can't turn for jack, the gun handling is atrocious. The only real plus this tank has is the penetration and the somewhat reliable/troll turret. Other than that everything else is pretty much either even, such as it's alpha, or sub par when compared to other heavy tanks of the same tier.


So yea it definitely needs a buff and I would prefer a speed buff over a dpm buff as dpm can be worked around, not having the speed to do anything is not.


Edit: Also this tank is absolutely horrible for crew training, it's only meant to be played with a good crew. otherwise you'll be too busy pulling your hair out and going bald while playing this tank.

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