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Is the T34 balanced?

T34 American Heavies Premiums Tier 8

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anonym_OlK73e329bMY #41 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 09:43


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View Post_Ninjax_, on Nov 10 2016 - 02:42, said:

No it's not balanced and for several reasons. the turret is beyond broken. Either you have a T10 TD gun or you are spamming high pen premium rounds to pen it or you are just getting deleted by one if it goes hull down. It's slow as hell and gets no where and is team reliant and a massive arty target. the hull is laughable at best and will almost always be penned especially when the premium is turned on just forget it. Not to mention that the sides of the turret are just as broken because of how thick it is and how rng can troll people even when it's almost completely flat.


The DPM is beyond garbage, it can't turn for jack, the gun handling is atrocious. The only real plus this tank has is the penetration and the somewhat reliable/troll turret. Other than that everything else is pretty much either even, such as it's alpha, or sub par when compared to other heavy tanks of the same tier.


So yea it definitely needs a buff and I would prefer a speed buff over a dpm buff as dpm can be worked around, not having the speed to do anything is not.


Edit: Also this tank is absolutely horrible for crew training, it's only meant to be played with a good crew. otherwise you'll be too busy pulling your hair out and going bald while playing this tank.


hey, if the t34 gets buffed i'll be very happy


as for the blue part i think i'm able to endure the t34 because i played the british heavy line first. for anyone not used to that kind of slowness it's probably exactly like that

Radonis #42 Posted Nov 10 2016 - 11:15

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I like my T34 i have played loads of battles in it. I think it is my best credit maker too. But i agree it needs a buff of some kind i would take mobilty over Dpm buff cause turning the tank and even getting to the battle takes way longer than it should and most good players arent afraid of this tank they know once it shoots u have around 12 or so seconds before the next shot is comming so u can peek it and shoot it if or even flank and circle it. Also with how sometimes the MM is Being the only Heavy in a T34 sucks.

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