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How do you Play One Handed?

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Badabingg #41 Posted May 19 2017 - 15:06

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Thanks for the links.

WoT has an older player base than most VG , at least in NA, and the appeal in some measure is its historic , engineering and analytic domains.

a lot of players have , um , non normative  physical skills.

and a lot of the immature players rail at the others , projecting the rejection they feel and trying to attach to whomever they think are the "cool kids"

by pointing at others and screaming "that's not me! , THEY are the weak ones!"

Just simply hurtful identification with perceived oppressors.


Good to see you playing your own game.

non carborundum


Everybody has different needs

I have tried gamepads, game moose, game controllers , joysticks.

All were interesting and I learned something with each

but got the most help with positioning,hand supports,  remapping and adapting the keys with identifying pads


regardless, the toughest thing has been the lack of some means to translate abusers into humans.

It is impossible to be open and not vulnerable.


Anyway, it beats Lumosity.


Endric_Gaming #42 Posted May 19 2017 - 15:22


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Is it a permanent disuse of that hand, or just temporary?

Ravenpaw3 #43 Posted May 19 2017 - 15:36


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I don't think World of Tanks supports a joystick though I know Warthunder does support playing with a joystick.  If you want to play World of Tanks you can try getting a mouse with multiple buttons like one of these:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GU8W5AE/ref=psdc_172487_t2_B00FNKMV 



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Badabingg #44 Posted May 19 2017 - 16:17

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View PostRavenpaw3, on May 19 2017 - 15:36, said:

I don't think World of Tanks supports a joystick



True , but it can be  done.  Adaptive tools can do most anything, eventually.

Again , for me, the simplest and least  expensive adaptations  were the most effective, YMMV

dunniteowl #45 Posted May 19 2017 - 16:28


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View Postkier321, on Nov 30 2016 - 17:48, said:

Don't play till you can play with more then 1 hand..... the golden joysticks award isn't just for joystick games, just like the Stanley cup isn't won by a sport that uses a cup.... 10/10 one of stupid posts ive seen in a while


If only Neg reps were still available.


This response wins the "Dirt Bag Response Award" for it's completely callous and unhelpful nature, indicative of the fact the responder simply didn't READ the OP's question and responded like a "bad sport."


Four thumbs down.



Hang in there, OP.  Lots of good answers here for you.



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