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BeanHoleBandit #1 Posted Dec 25 2016 - 22:22


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Seems like thats the thing to do now days.. Lets all Kemp.. Let the few that push take all the hits.. Deal all the dmg they can do before they die...

Then we Kempers can clean up and win.. Only that works 10% of the time.. 


When I first started this game everyone knew their roll.. They went and it was a great battle to the end.. Now you just see one sided battles all the time and i'm thinking some ppl blame MM instead of themselves.. 

If you do nothing to support your team no fire no trading HP nothing. then exspect them win.. You my friend got carried and are probably going to lose.. Even if you win you got carried IDK how many 100 HP you kill in the end.. You almost lost it for your team.

Oh Pubs we don't care about each other.. Well don't blame MM.. MM is as [edited] up as you are.. So boo hoo MM screwed me.. 


:) Merry Christmas.. 

_Bagheera_ #2 Posted Dec 25 2016 - 22:29


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unfair plane

Guest_The_Ultimate_Wargasm_* #3 Posted Dec 25 2016 - 23:32

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Because Arty...

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