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Call to Arms

Clan 15v15 Tier VIII Tier X

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60_percnt_wrks_everytime #61 Posted Jul 28 2017 - 23:42


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Sorry to see you move on Dance but congratz, a positive move I would think, drop the NDA soon so I can say more....


On a different front keep an eye out for the following announcements coming soon:


1) Due to a distinct lack of purpose, clans are being eliminated in WoT moving forward

2) To keep in lockstep with our new clan announcement we will be renaming the current clan tournament: " The Obsolete Clan Cup"


That is all.....

driesp #62 Posted Jul 29 2017 - 08:25


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This summer on WoT


  • No clan wars
  • No call to arms tournaments
  • Intermittent friends list bugs

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