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The Buffet is one of the Best...

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frumpylumps #61 Posted Jan 03 2017 - 19:09


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View Postprolex7, on Jan 03 2017 - 18:11, said:



Can't find any alternatives?  I did a simple Google search and immediately can help you find something else.  Best PC Games of 2017 link: http://www.pcmag.com/article/344190/


Oh dang, I think someone has to have money to play them.  Sorry


Monetization*  Please don't bash someone about how they use a word if you can't spell it right back to them.


LOL@spelling.  :rolleyes:  Its a typo, btw.  I know how to spell the word.   Pretty sad that you actually went there.


I'm perfectly happy paying $60 for a video game if I never have to feel compelled by greedy game devs to get competitive with my wallet.


Once again, its not about having money or not.  I've got plenty of money.


Thanks for proving that you aren't even capable of understanding the arguments being made.

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An_Innocent_Bystander #62 Posted Jan 03 2017 - 19:22


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View PostIndygoEEI, on Jan 03 2017 - 18:43, said:


I don't and here's why.   How many Premium AAA Traditional game titles continue to add

content to a game for years?  None.  The amount of content found in WoT currently is on Par

with Gran Turismo 1 in terms of vehicles.  It certainly has more environments then GT1.  Now

I want you to think about how the franchises grew for a second....


GT1: 140 unique Cars with Different variants (I remember it being 300+ cars)

Tracks: 11

Gt2:  650 Cars including variants

Tracks: 27

Gt3:  180 Cars including variants

Tracks: 34

GT4:  721 Cars including Varients (Pal Version used as reference according to Wikipedia)

Tracks:  51

GT5:  246 Premium and 840 Standard cars.

Tracks: 73

GT:6   388 Premium and 838 Standard cars.

Tracks: 100


Please note that each Base game would cost on average through the years $60.  This does

not include spinoffs released in the US.  Also GT5 and 6 charge per car.  How much I don't

know, but I feel the investment meets the same amount of money I've dumped into this game

for that content.  But let's forget about the DLC for a second.  For over 15 years, you

invested into each release at launch $60.  THAT'S $360 TOTAL!  This does not include DLC.

Game development can be expensive, although nowadays most of the budget goes to



So if everyone spent that kind of money to fund continuous development on a game, then it

would be cool.  However in WoT it's not.  It's imbalanced where people spend whole lot of

money to welfare your butt.  I'd like to spend $20 (even happier with less) on premium tier 8

Heavy Tank, but it's not happening.  The price points people want don't match up with the

reality that there are going to be cheapos who don't want to pay a single cent.  If there's

one thing WG should try to solve, it's making attractive price points to sell more tanks but

still not hurt the bottom line.

Just a few corrections. GTs premium cars don't refer to you have to pay for them. It essentially means it's an HD model. The only GT with DLC was GT5 iirc.


Love those games. Got hooked on GT3 for PS2 back when I was in second grade and have played all of them 3 through 6. :)

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rufus374 #63 Posted Jan 03 2017 - 19:26

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frumpylumps #64 Posted Jan 03 2017 - 19:32


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View PostIndygoEEI, on Jan 03 2017 - 18:43, said:


I don't and here's why.   How many Premium AAA Traditional game titles continue to add

content to a game for years?  None.


How clueless you are. 


Why does it have to be premium AAA?  Just a few off the top of my head of games I've played: Terraria,  Starcraft,  Guildwars2, Natural selection2


Dota2 operates on selling cosmetic items alone and is one of the top 10 most profitable f2p games.  Also, free players are an asset to free to play games, it is not a one-way street like you want to pretend.


The fact is that you pay2win wallet warriors have never been necessary for a video game to function and add content over the years, and apparently can only flail nonsense at your keyboard in your defense.



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Sobunbun #65 Posted Jan 03 2017 - 22:43


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You guys are still at it?

IndygoEEI #66 Posted Jan 04 2017 - 00:34


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View PostSobunbun, on Jan 03 2017 - 13:43, said:

You guys are still at it?


Yes and apparently the person I'm talking to is a fanatic...

otacon237 #67 Posted Jan 04 2017 - 01:27


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View Postfrumpylumps, on Jan 03 2017 - 18:09, said:


I've got plenty of money.

somehow I doubt it, you haven't really been here that long and already got 30k games. I really don't see why someone who really spends that much time playing the game would be so against paying a few dollars to make their grind better and not have to do stupid crap like destroying equipment instead of demounting. i used to play full f2p back when i was a broke college kid and it was EXCRUCIATING. taking forever to get XP, credits etc, destroying equipment. never again. yes there are things that i dislike about the game, yes i think the premium prices are ridiculous, i just bought a $20 ship pack in Fractured Space that had like 24 ships but you can easily pay $50 for ONE tank in this game. 


but at the end of the day a couple hundred bucks isn't worth the additional time it would take for me having to suffer through playing the game for free in some lame "protest" attempt. and that's the crux of it, people of working age either have a lot of time, or money, but not both. i think you're broke AF and can't even run anything else on your potato rig. it's cool, i was in the same boat for a while, the modern games my crap laptop could run was this. but if you really expect us to believe you suffered through 30k freemium battles even though you have lots of money then you must have some serious masochism issues.

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