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M4A1 Revalorisé . How about that now?

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Casual_Boops #21 Posted Jan 04 2017 - 17:36


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View PostLord_Hiney, on Jan 03 2017 - 14:06, said:

I'd actually say that it has the second best tier 8 medium gun, with the Obj. 416 taking first place. Best in class dpm, second to best alpha, and good handling. Of course that's on the worst in class platform ;)

1828 base DPM is best in class?




I like the tank, but let's not oversell it. The DPM is not the strong suit of the Ravioli.

BaconMeLoveIt #22 Posted Jan 04 2017 - 18:51


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I hate the M4A1 as an enemy tank doing the sniping on ridges. It's raining NaCl whenever that happens.

Poundman #23 Posted Jan 04 2017 - 21:03


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I stopped playing for about a year or so and came back to see this new premium tank in the French tree. Before I left I was working toward getting all the French lines maxed out at tier X, so of course to pick up where I left off I grabbed the M4A1 (picked it over the CDC because I already have plenty of French tanks that excel at speeding around corners and potshooting people).


I love it. It may be my favorite tank now actually. I had no idea it had just been buffed, so I guess I came back at the right time. I do get destroyed in tier X matches, but that's probably at least in part due to my impatience at times or feeling like I'm not being useful to my team and getting overly aggressive. When I use it right I do well with it though and have come to average about 2k damage per game with it. That's the second highest average of all my tanks after the AMX 50 120. And yes I suck at this game still - those are historically good stats for me.

​I wouldn't over sell it though. All premium tanks have big weaknesses and this thing is no exception. Tier X tanks will rip you to pieces as will many tier XI tanks and even some tier VIII, almost any other tier VIII and up tank can out brawl you if it finds a path to you (the trick is not giving them an open path), and as others have stated you will sometimes bounce rounds off tier VI tanks because of how the high pen rounds work at a distance. Still, it's a quirky tank and I love those kinds of tanks. Punishing myself with the British AT's right now just because I like their whole "I'm trading with you now and not stopping till one of us is dead" style.

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