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Leo.. worst tank in game?

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Prof_Fate #21 Posted Mar 18 2017 - 22:57


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The Leo is a definite upgrade over its predecessor...though its still not great.  Of course, when one thinks of awesome WWII tanks, don't the Swedes always come to mind?

1SLUGGO1 #22 Posted Jul 02 2017 - 20:33


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View PostGreen_Ghost, on Mar 08 2017 - 13:43, said:


If you didn't grind it out of stock form, hardly qualify you as someone who can be a fair judge of the Leo. 


For a MT, it's got paper armor, large size get it spotted more often than some HTs, tank traverse is simply horrendous; worse than some HTs. 



From stock the traverse, even with a 3 skill driver, vents, and bia, feels like the t14.  Can get up to speed but you need half the map to do a circle.  Really needs buffed up to what it's hard stats suggest.

oldewolfe #23 Posted Jul 03 2017 - 02:36


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It's not a Bad Tank, I like mine alot....      


First, you get the Top 75mm when you Unlock it on the Strv 74, you do NOT want to drive it without the Second Engine ever, and before you can Add the 100mm you must get the Second Tracks (which I would recommend anyway for the 38* Traverse over the 34* of the Stock).....    


Second, you have 2 completely viable Guns, one that does 150 Avg Damage on a 1.3 Second Aim Time and likely the Best Disperssion Rating in Class and Tier, top off that it has 10* Gun Depression for Firing from behind Ridges and a Reload on Par with the Matilda, relatively speaking...      And the Other Gun, 300 Avg Damage, same 10* Depression, combined with 60Kmph and a Right Click, you can be a Hit and Run King at Tier 7 on most Tanks and Combined with Controlled Impact, you can Erase any Scout and some Mediums with One Trigger Pull and a Ram....     This is just a matter of Play Style, nothing more....


And Third, this tank losses hardly ANY Speed on the Top Engine when Climbing meaning getting Low Ground on Westfield no longer means Red gets Dug In before you get there....       It's way better than the Comet in most Respects, save the 12* Gun Depression....     Comet only get's One Gun choice at 138 Avg I believe it was and it's Slow to get going and then only to 51 Kmph.....     Yes, Comet has more Armor I believe, but the idea is not to stay out Long Enough to get Shot which is where the 20 Kmph Reverse come in....


I stick mine into all manner of places it likely shouldn't be and it's biggest Drawback is it's Armor and the Occasional Tier 9 MM....      I play it with the Scouts, I play it with the Heavy's, I Snipe with it, and I Brawl with it....      It's a Jack of all Trades really.....       If you can't make that work, you just need to look at what you are doing and why it didn't work....      Not saying You did something Wrong, but something Failed somewhere that Soured your Experience in the Tank...     It's very Capable in most Matchups....        


I have 149 Games in mine and make no mistake, it's by no means an easy Grind in respects to the Quantity of XP required but it's not like some, but the Changes to the Game will make it feel Longer than it really is.....         I can fairly Regularly get my HP's in Damage in 3 or 4 Pentrating Shots with the 100mm and almost Equally as often with the 75mm, switching back and forth on occasion to change things up....     Right now sticking mainly to the 100mm  while I grind to the Emil.....       My Best Damage in the Tank is nearly 2300pts and 1238 XP, 4 Kills twice, 2 Pascucci's, and some Spotters Ribbons, by no means an Elitist to be sure, but as I said I do like the Tank for it's Versatility of Play....

shaggy996 #24 Posted Jul 14 2017 - 22:26


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lol the 45% player loves his. Thats an endorsement for you.


This is absolutely one of the worst tanks in game. The only good thing about it is its reasonably fast. 

No Armor, none at all any where. a tier 5 can shot you right through the turret. 

No Module health, every other shot takes out something. 

Horrid guns. One that hits pretty good but a KV-2 is more accurate, or the second gun that cant pen half of what your shooting at and hits for nothing. Its a trade hit and bounce or hit for a little, or Play roulette with your shots. Dont trade at range with it anything else will be more accurate. 

cant turn to save its life.

With New MM you are paired up against heavies most of the time for some reason if you see a tier 7 game.


It will lose most head to head engagements vs tier 6 tanks. 




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Smeggie #25 Posted Sep 01 2017 - 13:44


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Not even close the M3 Lee is just a slow painful experience from beginning to end.

Whoever thought that this tank should be put in the game should have been fired then shot, then shot again to make a point.

Shalkai #26 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 04:20


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I'm not quite ready to anoint the Leo as worst tank in the game...though it certainly is a candidate. The Leo does top my list for worst Medium I've ever played, and by quite a bit.


The (lack of) mobility until you get top treads AND top engine is shocking. I grind my way up through all the modules on just about all my tanks. With the Leo, trying to play it with base treads and engines is masochistic. Pure and simple. An AMX40 is more nimble. Now, mobility is good once you're running top modules, but the 20+ games to unlock them are pure torture. Use your free XP.


Armor - basically useless. Turret upgrade doesn't improve things. Leo is a shell sponge, period.

Guns - poor. You get a 75mm which will bounce a lot, and only 1800 dps * OR * you get a 100mm which will miss a lot, still bounce a lot, and does an even more pitiful 1500 DPS. Leo has some of the worst guns at Tier 7, period.


It does have good camo (the only real strength of this tank); other than that the only faint praises are good gun depression (mostly negated by sheetmetal turret armor), and decent speed once using top modules.  Even playing to these good attributes, the end result is basically a cruddy light tank if you use the 75mm, or a cruddy turreted TD if you use the 100mm.


In the 30-odd games it took me to unlock all modules, my win rate was a full 10% lower than my next-worst medium (Russian T-28). I am not looking forward to the rest of the grind to unlock the Emil. 

nicodeimous #27 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 17:13


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View PostValundar, on Jan 13 2017 - 18:42, said:

Id rather play the lee. 

this thing is so-so vs tier 5/6  much less 8/9


I guess you gotta have a **** tank somewhere in the line...


Love mine - 131 battles in it so far with a 1610 Win8 and a 54% WR, 1k average damage per battle and a 74% hit rate.


I was never a Comet player so I have not equipped mine to be a Comet clone.  I love the big gun and the effect on a player it has when they get hit.  Pen's good too for such a big gun at tier 7 [on a non td].  It's derpy on accuracy but up close it hurts fast.  Stock its a slug, but it gets much more mobile after the tracks and engine upgrade.  I think people play the tank over aggressively and suffer from it - QB video didn't help with him saying its basically a Comet when equipped with the 7.5cm.  Its not a comet is oh so many ways and should not be played like one.  Sort of like the TVP VTU Koncept in the Czech line isn't played well as a knock off Panther II.


its mobile enough fully upgraded to flank and harass the enemy, it has serviceable gun depression, the 105 has 155 pen which is good for a tier 7 medium and @300 alpha which when it hits is a nasty surprise for most people.  It can be reasonably stealthy and it has a workable view range for most encounters.  I like it and have kept the tank along with the 3 perk crew I ground up in it.  Pretty sure I have one MoE in it maybe close to a second or already have it ...


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Gothraul #28 Posted Sep 14 2017 - 17:24


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Been there and done that and it is a typical gimped mid tier struggle box, I remember how it was with the first round of testing and WG took away the top engine making it slower. They did some other things but overall I don't care about this tank and sold it. Could have been a nice tank but like the RU251 gimping the mobility didn't balance the tank but made it less fun and more struggles.



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