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Tank Companys

Tank Company gamemode game mode clan

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Would you like there to be a tank company gamemode?

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Red_Python117 #1 Posted Jan 16 2017 - 22:27


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I used to play WoT a while back when there was a gamemode called tank company. They still have this gamemode yet i never see it be selectable. If you dont know what tank company is it is like a 10v10 match that you can create platoons of ten that anyone can join when they select the gamemode, it was a lot of fun. Why did they stip making this egamemode active?

GermanMade #2 Posted Jan 16 2017 - 22:59


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You can now play Team Battles or join a Detachments.


Detachments are just like the old Tank Company but clan based, but non clan members can join them.

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