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The proper way to handle the ELC amx. ( clip )

drive over tank E-25 E25 ELC AMX clip

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E25_Syndrome_Aito #41 Posted Jan 23 2017 - 21:10


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View PostCamuMahubah, on Jan 23 2017 - 20:08, said:




What caused the bad memories?


Not necessary to tell,

but I indeed do dislike the ELC amx greatly.


Every time I see it I become angry.

KanataKonoe #42 Posted Jan 24 2017 - 02:59


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What a beautiful way to destroy an ELC. i love it <3

Dratt_Dastardly #43 Posted Jan 24 2017 - 14:15


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ELC's can be such a pest.  But not as much, I feel, as the E-25.  I try to shoot E-25's on the spot.  Even may load premium just to make sure it doesn't bounce. But ELC's, I may worry a lot more when it's a danger to me.  


Perhaps I feel ELC's are less is a danger due to most not being extraordinary players with it.  E-25's can be dangerous if an average TD player is in control.  They may not be aggressive but know to move around to better locations to take shots.


I like playing light tanks.  And by no means am I an aggressive light tank driver.  But when it comes to the ELC, well I didn't care for it.  Mostly the turret rotation bothered me.  At the time, I already had the Object 416 with its 150° but the ELC's 30° turret rotation made it a harder.  Trying to snipe from a bush at a moving tank was hard.  Not to mention accidently traversing the tank while looking around.  No wonder it does better as a close up flanker.


Anyway, it's always fun to see a tank get ran over.

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