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Rumoured Canadian Tech Tree?

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Thrallok909 #41 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 06:18


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This thread has taken a wrong turn somewhere.  Canadians want to play Canadian tanks... obvious to me, why not you?

I am an Australian-born Canadian, British nobleman, and avid player.  I have always had an interest in World War 2, and consider myself to be something of a historian.  l have 4 relatives who were tank Commanders in that war,  my grandfather served in the Navy, one grandmother was a codebreaker for the UK.

There does need to be a Canadian tech tree, because most but not all tanks had flamethrower variants, different camo patterns, and from my understanding a red leaf was all that was painted on many WW1 tanks... for insignia and not a current option.  Some referred to it as the "pot leaf" or "maple leaf insignia" as it was properly known.  Over 1200 Chuchill VIIs with extra armor, and unkown number of flamethrower variants were landed on D-day, Canada's Normandy... many unfortunately landed on a beach head in front of a scouted area that was laid out that week as a minefield... not as safe as thought!  So not all saw action and some would have been destroyed while parked... oops!  But more were available later, partly because of this fumble.  This is from accounts of veterans, and sources.

Flamethrower tanks appear to have been a secret weapon project, and do not have a lot of press because of this.

  Also the Wolverine is not included in many charts, and some troop carriers, now known as medium tanks due to their huge armor.  l would love to see an Australian force, particularly as they now have a unique tank.  There are several pages online with not so much conflicting accounts, as partial evidence.

Also l have heard there were some Canadian large barrel machine guns in use that could penetrate light tank armor.



moon111 #42 Posted Mar 24 2017 - 23:17


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Since I created this thread, I will say my intention was somewhat trollish.  But thought it would be kind of interesting to have a visual to see what Canadians actually did use. 

The one thing that ends up being kind of funny, you start having all kinds of holes in a Canadian tech line... but then realize that's because there's all kinds of holes in the 

other nation's tanks that Canada shared equipment with that are filled with 'fake' tanks as well.  So in many ways, if we can pretend Americans had a certain tank, perhaps we can

pretend Canada would have the same access?  This tech tree would start getting pretty big. :)


If they did come up with a Canadian tech line, they could just put existing tanks in the line, change the emblem and just boast the stats ever so slightly because everything

the Canadians did was slightly better. :trollface:  (Back to trolling.)

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