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Provinces in revolt


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Mustang197109 #1 Posted Jan 27 2017 - 04:01


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Just wondering what everyone's thoughts on this was.


It really bothers me when a clan is attacking you from a landing zone and you can't attack it back. Especially, when they keep attacking and attacking and attacking you .... day after day after day.


Here is what I was thinking: let landing zones go into revolt. When they do they stop being landing zones for that one day only. Then you could attack that province from land, retake it and defend.


What are you thoughts? Am I crazy?




xrays_ #2 Posted Jan 27 2017 - 04:23


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Once the battles for the night are complete (win or lose) on a Province that has Revolted (i.e became a Landing Zone), the province reverts back to its normal status again. This is assuming you're talking about Revolts and not specifically Landing Zones. A Landing Zone seems to stay that way for the duration of the Stage.



wisky711 #3 Posted Jan 27 2017 - 04:50


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I think that makes sense is fair. The only problem is Wargaming might say that it will keep lower level clans from entering the map or something dumb like that. Personally i think that Idea makes sense and should be taken into consideration.

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