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Global map/Clan Wars Stages

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__Parasite__ #1 Posted Feb 03 2017 - 19:17


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Can anyone inform me if the tier 6 front  has the same stages in season 5 campaign as the tier8 and 10, or does tier 6 just keep going threw the end? And if it does why are ppl still  selecting landing battles for tonight when it says stage 1 ended 2/2/17 and stage 2 starts 2/6/17. A quick response would be great Don't want LOU1 to drop out of the top 10


NVM I figured it out myself, But still a little lost. The start of stage 1 says 1/26/2017 but really started 1/17/2017. I just think a clear cut description would be nice when hosting this kind of event. Like start day and end day without a mix bag on useless information thrown into the mix. But good job anyway on getting a lot of clans out there meeting each other and stirring some friendly comradery +1 WG.


LOU1 is looking for new members willing to participate in clan wars and skirmishes. If interested pls PM me for more information.


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