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What it's like to play on a sheriff account........

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Daddy_Griefer #21 Posted Jan 03 2018 - 15:37


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I made sure when I had the sheriff account that I played all times of the day, different tiers, and had all game modes on. Outside of scrims, games, and other life things the TT6 #2 had over 1,000 games on it. Im guessing that account alone gave out about 200k gold to everyone. This was over a 3 month period. I didn't play my main during this time. 

dnaman #22 Posted Jan 04 2018 - 00:31


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I’ve had the luck to kill the sheriff one time.  I’ve had the luck to defend the sheriff several times.  I love seeing the enemies go bonkers over 200 gold.  It’s fun to keep him alive and deny them the kill.

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