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2ndAD2015MPD #1 Posted Feb 15 2017 - 12:31


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I made about 8 of these videos these are the best of the best:

February 11 2017:


New Video made February 10, 2017. I go over 8 intense paintings and take some random paintings off the wall. The amount of artwork I have done and archived in my house, in my life, is phenomenal and it is all one hundred percent Rated G. All my art is completely non offence for everyone to view. I never planed it that way it just came out that way. I guess I never wanted to do art that offended me. I have always been pro women's rights, thanks to my mom; so objectifying women never enters my mind. Like I always say you can hate me; but if you hate my art; that is anti cultural. I personal; never recommend hating any human being, you can hate things people do; just never another soul like you. If you hate someone it is like judging against yourself.

From History of art - Wikipedia: "art throughout time, classifying cultures, establishing periodizations, and observing the distinctive and influential characteristics of art."


Here is a Google Drive link; you can also download the video with this link: https://drive.google...MEx0WElTV1kxWjA


February 10 2017:
Big versions of this art; here:  http://radmanart2ndh...rge-images.html


February 04 2017:

Two new videos of my wife and I talking about my art and other stuff. It is a two part video equaling a total of one half hour.

Here are the two YouTube links:

Part 1:  https://youtu.be/kHtcf_bbFGI

Part 2: https://youtu.be/6x4tMB96tBU

Here are the two Google Drive links; you can download these links too:

Part 1:  https://drive.google...dHJoWW1RdWdPNUU

Part 2:  https://drive.google...UkZKbmtUQjhPRXc


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