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Type 5 Heavy shooting through a rock in Common test server

Type 5 Heavy

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Deathbringer_27 #1 Posted Feb 16 2017 - 04:54


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Hi Wargaming I would like to ask you are let you know that

there seemed to be a glitch on a map called Steeps I versed another type 5 heavy I did a considerable

amount of blocking. Anyway somehow this type 5 heavy somehow managed to

shoot through a rock and kill me. Its freaking scientifically impossible. But somehow this player named Bobi_Bg_1945_XD somehow pulled it off.  Also an hour or so ago as I played my main

account Deathbringer_27 there was injustice same when I was playing my Deathbringer_27 account

someone shot me and yet they didn't get in trouble for it they didn't even turn blue either. Why? I don't know

but I got it at least on my Deathbringer_27 account. You probably should next time get hidden cameras

and watch players play. And watch what they do to their allies.  


_DangerNoodle #2 Posted Feb 16 2017 - 05:02


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post replay

thandiflight #3 Posted Feb 16 2017 - 05:46


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It's called HE splash. Welcome to landarty 101 the new meta for tanks.

Qualm #4 Posted Feb 16 2017 - 06:25


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HE splash will change gameplay considerably when gets patched in.  Think you're safe behind a rock?  Wrong, arty will be able to hit the rock and splash you for significant damage.  Same with large caliber derp guns shooting HE.


It will be interesting watching unaware people rant about it for the first few weeks.

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