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I need some help. (proper place, can you close the old one in Off Topic?)

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Light_vs_Darkness #1 Posted Feb 17 2017 - 02:16

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Did the French ammo listed even exist, If so can I see them in documents, images or such


37mm ODR mle. 1935 Shell

37mm Frt.Prf. mle. 1935 Shell

37mm OE mle. 1916 Shell

25mm Balle T.P. mle. 1934 Shell

25mm Balle T.P. mle. 1939P Shell

47mm ODR mle. 1932 Shell

47mm ODR mle. 1935 Shell

47mm OE mle. 1932 Shell

& the rest so forth


I am curious about if any of this ammo even existed. If you are unable to help it is fine, these ammo types seem very obscure.

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