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Improvement to Testing comfort

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Harkon380 #1 Posted Feb 18 2017 - 03:03


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I feel that playing on the Common Tests is way to hard not not Comfortable. My reasons as to why:

- Have to research the tanks I want, why not just give me them all?

- Garage Space is limited, ... Do I really need to explain this Wargaming?, Just give us 50 garage slots! (unless you give us all tanks)

- Matchmaking... IS HORRID Kill me if it doesnt get fixed. Seriously WG... Make it better...

- Super Test tanks. What? We don't get that many Public tests anymore, last ones we got was the M4A1 and the Skoda.

- I believe I am correct when I say that CT has a time limit of around 1 week. (thats good btw)

If you thought I was nagging I'm sorry, I feel these need to be addressed.



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