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Radman_art Video's About My Art part 2

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2ndAD2015MPD #1 Posted Feb 18 2017 - 10:02


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Radman_Art Blog Homepage 2017 

February 18 2017:

If you do not want to read this page: http://radmanart2ndh...rt-history.html then you want to watch these videos I have been making. I basically repeat that page in all my videos.

here is the YouTube link:


If you want to download this video and keep forever as a memento of Radman_Art Here is a Google Drive link you can download the video; with this link: https://drive.google...aGVYZkZlRmtwYUE

Another Radman_art video related note: I was just searching my radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com address and found someone listed a gif file I made back around 1999 as thier favorite here: http://giphy.com/gif...s-nIBu8Nj4i88tW . We bought a program back then the called Gif Animator and made it from a amazing drawing I made in 1999. I love gif files and always have to this day. There is a great free Microsoft gif animator you can get now. Gif files have not changed in all the years of the internet and are just as cool to this day.

Also my wife pointed out something cool in the Texas Co-op magazine about a video game museum the next town over. I have been playing arcade video games and home versions since I used to put quarters in Asteroids. Check it out here: http://www.vghmuseum.org/ 


Dedication: 9,000 victory's award and exemplary battles award from Sunday, ‎February ‎19, ‎2017:



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