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How do you set up Your crew?

crew 104 crew mastery

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scommy327 #61 Posted Apr 19 2017 - 03:12


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What would be best crew skills for a Tiger 1? 

timelabor #62 Posted Apr 21 2017 - 00:54


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Mine varies by tank and nation...

every country, every tier, every type:  BIA

TD and LT -- Camo and 6th sense

SPG - who care?  Once you get BIA there's not much else to help you -- camo, but you get spotted -- hit -- you're dead anyway

MT and HT -- some careful planning here:

HT at tier over 6 and counties with engines that fire up at 20% -- get the Maintenance to reduce fire risk and Safe stowage -- reduce chances of that annoying ammo rack hit on a tank that already take 9,10,13 seconds to load... NO to Camo, yes to recon & other vision extenders

MT -- similar to the HT - but Camo is more important and the handling characteristics improvements -- these are the tanks and crews where 4-5-6 perks/skills make the biggest difference (IMHO)


I learned to work on the % increase items first (those that provide immediate benefits as the % increases) -- and then re-skill during sale times to get those 100% required items (BIA, 6th, Safe Stowage, etc).


This another Perk/Skill that would be interesting is some sort of Medic Skill -- allows a crew member to be "rehabilitated" -- similar to other repairs that occur over time --- during the medic intervention the affected crew member would slowly heal... but anyone with medic capabilities would perform as less that 100% efficiency -- multiple medics, faster recovery time.

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chambax #63 Posted Apr 26 2017 - 18:15


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I wish i could share the crew among same nation/tank type. Have to train a good crew for each tank is just imposible.

Schrader78 #64 Posted Apr 27 2017 - 01:44


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Could someone please tell me why if you have a female crew that is incomplete, that female crew came with SOS pre-loaded, and you add a male crew member to fill out your crew, why when he is finally trained in BIA that the BIA and SOS are not compatible? Now I understand that it is obvious that the names are not the same but the icon is. So, I thought they would work together. Imagine my dismay when BIA was finally trained and it made no difference at all. All the stats on that tank still say that BIA does not apply, so no bonus.


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