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Strongholds in Update 9.17.1 - Feedback

strongholds 9.17.1 update

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GhostPrime #1 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 20:22

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Hello tankers,

With the release of 9.17.1 tomorrow we are bringing out changes to the Strongholds mode! These changes are designed to make the Strongholds mode more accessible, and easier to just get into battles!


Please review the article on our portal HERE. And then give us your feedback in this thread.


Points to consider when leaving feedback:

  • New Mode: Advances
  • Open Battle Rooms
  • Revised Stronghold Economics
  • Changes to Building and Demolishing Structures
  • New Reserves Classification
  • Combat Reserves
  • "War Games" Replacing War Departments

MajorMax #2 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 20:34

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I really like the updates.

Thank you, WG!

Dogsoldier6 #3 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 20:38


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I am looking forward to them.


I especially like that Advances are limited to tier 10 tanks only, and skirmishes pretty much remains the same.

jo5419 #4 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 21:06

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What about adding new Combat Reserves, like:
1) Extra Tank.
2) Reconnaissance Plane.
3) Smoke Screen.
4) Extra Battle Time/ Reduce Battle Time.
5) Traitor (You get to see the screen of a certain enemy for a while)
6) Tank Mine (You set it up with your own tank. It can't kill allies)

Rommel85 #5 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 21:18

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these new changes will definitely make strongholds great again!

Almighty_Johnson #6 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 21:22


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Nice job.  This will remove the shortcoming in the old system of Unicum teams seal clubbing smaller clans who have no hope of competing.


mod101 #7 Posted Feb 22 2017 - 22:49


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Too many people were getting absolutely slammed in stronghold defenses. There were several weeks we were defending 4+ battles a night on top of CW. This will be a super healthy move to make many clans happier about strongholds

the_Deadly_Bulb #8 Posted Feb 23 2017 - 01:31


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Yes to the changes! Thanks WG.

TomatoSauceHero #9 Posted Feb 23 2017 - 04:26


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still, think the game mode should be removed and clan wars reverted to cw 1.0


_IanSJr #10 Posted Feb 23 2017 - 12:55

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current clan wars till [edited], useless and strictly penalty. I would like old one and it have basic setting/control global map and less penalty.

beernut #11 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 21:25


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post stronghold times?


Exigaet #12 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 04:14


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Why is the such a big limitation on when Stronghold Skirmishes can be played? When I was on earlier it said 3pm to 1am EST. It is now just after 10pm and no skirmishes can be played until tomorrow. Is this a limited time thing or is this the way it's going to be? Is it a bug that skirmishes can't be played at 10pm?

stevezaxx #13 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 08:51


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  • Stage 2 (Feb. 24): Strongholds return with Skirmishes, available in the test mode*. You’ll have access to Structures (construction and upgrading), and Reserves (production and activation). The new format, Advances, won’t yet be available
  • Stage 3: Skirmishes become fully available again, with Advances in test mode*
  • Stage 4: Advances become fully available, and we’ll unveil "War Games" in test mode*
  • Stage 5: Once we know "War Games" runs smoothly, we’ll fully introduce the feature, marking the full release of revised Strongholds mode

*Additions are tested in a reduced functionality, without final profit settings, limit to the number of servers, etc. that are lifted upon the full-scale feature release. 

is the limiting of skirmishes to a certain time of day part of "test mode" or will that be that way during full-scale feature release ?

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ApacheSP #14 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 01:25


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limited time on the strongholds eliminates a lot of folks that have Day Jobs. See if you can get them open for all hours as we should be able to play on our schedules not WG.

_Lowdog_ #15 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 04:05


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I do not leave much feedback; however, this time I really believe that the new MM in strongholds detachments is a mistake.  Playing wot for years (contributing to WG financially too) detachments were a fun way to play multiple games with friends and clan mates; now waiting 4-8 mins between games is very disheartening.   

IceFLYER #16 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 05:01


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Not much a fan of the time restrictions as far as when skirmishes are available. 24/7 availability was perfect. The current time frame also overlaps with the clan wars times which can interfere with the participation rates across the community either in clan wars or in skirmishes. 


Haven't looked into the new legionnaire portion yet but am here to suggest that Legionaries be restricted to clan-less players only or also invites from the #1 slots contacts list. Skirmishes are very much a clan oriented type of activity (creating strategy, getting to know your clanmates etc), (this will also help promote clans to get their own clan going to form their clans skirmishers). Making it an open world (such as how team training is) can be counter productive to what a clan essentially is (your house) but allowing clanless players access to available and active skirmishes and letting them jump in to be accepted on the team (or also possibly be invited from an available pool of players looking to be included into a skirmish) at least opens the doors to those curious to what the game offers in a clan and eventually to clan life so to speak. But honestly haven't gotten around personally trying at the feature in it's new form so if all this is there then just ignore,


Would like to see the ability to assign specific players the ability to load up the airstrike/arty barrage/ etc  or just go back to the original way where the #1slot has the ability to load the strikes. Restricting it to certain ranks means a clan now has to rely only on specific players being around to have 100% skirmishes features (life happens), so if they are not online the team is suddenly shorthanded. The #1 slot player should always be able to load those strikes up.  I don't think the clan will go bankrupt on IR due to excessive strike loading (if that is what this is trying to protect), I mean I heard of some clans treasuries being robbed and all but hey don't let everyone else lose the fun of having the feature of loading those strikes up prior and then unleashing the fun from above.


 (Or have a feature the clan commander can check to allow all clan members to load up the strikes).

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Solleret #17 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 13:36


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These are generally great changes, however I have one major problem with one aspect.

The North American server has a huge player base from all around the world. There are many top quality Russian, Mongolian and European clans that with the current limited availability of skirmishes are severely restricted in participating in this gamemode. We are a Hungarian clan in the CET zone and we were able to play tier 6 skirmishes from as soon as 6pm CET, and we also arranged games against other European and Mongolian clans as early as 1-3pm CET.


Please reassure me that these current limitations are just temporary and the active skirmish period will be reinstated to what it was in the previous patch.

Ahpa350 #18 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 14:22


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Hey WG
There are a lot of players in the NA East who are already bored of playing in the other.



Scarecrows on Server NA East  plsss

spacecubicnub #19 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 17:12

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Is the stronghold only available on the west server just for the testing phase?


Is the time in which stronghold available also currently because of testing?


Is the skill based mm applied to all battles in stronghold, or is it just for advanced battles?  Which way is planned for the final version?


How is the skill based mm decided, on the clan, on the leader of the detachment or an average of all players readied up?


Do airstrikes and artillery inflict the same amount of damage regardless of what level your stronghold building is at or does a level 1 air bomber building do less damage than a level 10?


Is the airstrike and Artillery only available to the detachment leader, and if that player dies the option to activate the strike becomes unavailable or does it transferred to the next in command?


Is the airstrike like a consumable, if you don't use it in battle you will still have it in the next battle?



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iov89 #20 Posted Mar 02 2017 - 00:18


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Well - i hope the curent time of play is just for testing, cause, if not - WE - all the europeans clans, will be out most of the time for the skirmishes. Also the west server was not the best choice. 

One thing that i would like to ask : if there are only 2 clans ready to play for tier8/10 why they are not allowed to play more games, after only 1 game we could wait for ever in queue- i understood that was some clans that fixed matches - but you guys should be able to controle better this stuffs- so if they are only 2 teams in queue, let them play. I wait for the new changes of the SH - and hope they will be good for everybody - including here the european clans- cause SH was one of the last option for us to play clan games - since the time for CW is not an option with the hours now available. We loved the old format of SH, and right before the end of it we were the clan with the best functionality of SH.   

Looking forward for the changes that will please most of the players. 




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