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How to register?

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Guest_Schperling_* #1 Posted Aug 11 2011 - 11:00

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Registration Instructions:

In order to register a team, the team captain must do the following:

1. Log-in on the WoT Ultimate Conquest website. http://uc.worldoftanks.com/
2. Press "CHAMPIONSHIPS" and find "The Drill: Field Workout".
3. Familiarize yourself with rules of the "The Drill" championiship. Click the "Participate" button.
4. Use the option "Create your team".
5. Fill out the fields in the form. Make sure it is informative, don’t just type “N/A” or “Fill it out later”.

"Name" - If a team represents a clan, the team captain must to use clan’s tag in the team name.
"Contact Details" – field is visible for everyone. This information will be used by players to contact the captain with questions about the team or requests to join the team. For example captain can enter link to forum profile so players can send PMs.
"Description" - short description of the team, which allows to identify it from all other teams.
"Password for Enrollment" – in this field captain enters a password which can be given to players to use when joining the team;
After the captain finishes registration, it is possible to use options on the page to edit team info, end team recruiting, send your final registration and team set-up to GM or to delete the team from the registration to the "The drill" Championship.

The only field available when editing team information is PM for the game master.

This field should contain information needed for the GM to enter and follow you through the competition. - this field is not required in The Drill: Field Workout

If you didn’t finalize your team and sent it for approval you cannot recall your request through the forms on the website. So make sure you crossed your t's and dotted your i's before you send your application for approval.

If the team is formed, and hasn’t send the application for approval, already has 10 participants, but still receiving join requests from other players, the team captain has an ability to delete such requests through the web-terminal.

To send the application for approval Capitan sould press "Apply" button.

In order to register as part of one of the already created teams, the player must do the following:

1. Log-in on the WoT Ultimate Conquest website. http://uc.worldoftanks.com/.
2. Follow the link to the "The Drill" Championship and familiarize yourself with game rules. Click the "Participate" button. There you can see the list of teams and study their descriptions.
3. Clicking on the name of the team will transfer you to the page with more detailed info about the team such as description, and list of already joined players. There you can make a decision about joining by pressing the "Join Team" button.
4. Confirm your desire to join the team by pressing "Yes" in the confirmation window.
5. After doing all that, the nickname of the player will appear in the list of team participants.
6. If the player decides to recall the request to participate in the team, player can leave the team by pressing the “Leave” button which is located on the team’s page.

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