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The Drill: Field Workout Regulations

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Guest_Schperling_* #1 Posted Aug 11 2011 - 11:02

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General Regulations:

1. Teams may contain a mix of tanks from any nations.
2. Vehicles are not to exceed tier 8, with artillery not to exceed tier 5. In the event a team-member violates these regulations, the whole team will be disqualified.
3. Usage of the premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed.
4. A team roster should consist of 7 players, and may include up to an additional 3 reserve players. The teams primary vehicle's do not need to be declared.
5. Teams who registered less than 7 players in their primary roster are not allowed to participate.
6. The total number of players on a teams roster is limited to a maximum of 10 players (7 primary + up to 3 reserves).
7. Reserve players are limited to a maximum of 3 players. The reserve primary vehicles do not need to be declared.
8. Any team member on the primary roster may participate in different battles with any vehicle allowed by the regulations, on condition that this vehicle does not bring his team's total tank tier points above the designated limit.
9. Reserve player may replace Primary player with any vehicle on condition that this vehicle does not bring his team's total tank tier points above the designated limit. It is allowed to change vehicles between matches (meetings) and between the battles of a match.
10. If a team has entered the pre-battle lobby with an incomplete number of players and no registered reserves are available to take the place of a unavailable Primary player(s), the team may join the fight with an incomplete number of players.
11. The combined total tier of the team should not be higher than 42 points.

**Notice that in every battle a team has 42 points in total for 7 vehicles. A team with incomplete quantity of players will have less than 42 points (-1 point for every missing vehicle)**

The team is considered being the winner of the battle when it destroys all the enemy tanks -or- captures the enemy base.
The Winner of the match is the team that is first to gain at least 2 victories in 5 battles, regardless of amount of draws. In case that no team gains two victories in 5 battles, both teams are disqualified for passive gameplay.
After each battle teams change their respawn points. Start respawns are being selected by championship administration or judge representative.
In case there is technical crash during the match, the full match regardless of previous round results, will all be replayed from the beginning.

The Competitions will be held on the map “Mines”.

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