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9.17.1 New German Heavy tanks Feedback thread

German heavies 9.17.1

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Kelly_Sereda #21 Posted Mar 07 2017 - 22:16


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View PostGhostPrime, on Feb 23 2017 - 20:03, said:



Please leave your feedback here for the changes made to the German heavy tanks in this thread.


Notes on Changes




Thanks for soliciting this feedback, it's nice to know the company is hearing the player base.


Regarding the vehicles, I have had the VK100 and now am on the Mauschen.  I found that VK100 was very dependent on the tier it was in.  Its HP pool, slow speed and predictable weakspots make it an easier target for high tiers (especially arty), spall liner was virtually a necessity to prolong its usefulness.  There is an angle specific weakspot just inside the tracks on the LFP that makes angling less useful and exposes the frontal armour quite vulnerably.  Outside of the weak spots, the armour is impressive, capable of bouncing even tier X AP.  I had my highest armour effectiveness ratio in this tank largely due to its performance in tier 8 (around 1.2 when I sold it).  Stock gun was fine at tier 8, but by tier 9,10 it is not feared.  This tank should see less tier X until top gun.  On the plus side, it performed as a bully in tier 8 often enough to justify its slow speed and huge size and was fun to play then and in some tier IX battles.  

Mauschen is much better.  The smaller LFP and cupola, higher HP and good top gun foreshadow the Maus nicely.  Again, the issues exists just inside the tracks on the LFP when angled that one cannot use the Mauschen recklessly.  This 'extra' weakness over the already existing and well-known LFP soft spot is a bit of a disappointment considering what the superheavy gives up in terms of speed, camo and size that it still must hide the frontal armour from in tier AP.  That said, for those working up to the Maus, the Mauschen is a worthy trainer and a welcome addition in place of using totally unrelated tanks in the previous line.  I think the LFP angling weakness on both should be removed to support their roles better.

I have not tried the PzVII.

Regarding the compensation occurring from the line switch - I too was a VK45.02B owner working up to the Maus when the change occurred and felt let down to now be so far away from the tank I was trying to get.  To have been given lateral progress would have been welcomed.  I think its nice that WG gave the tanks to players owning the Maus already, but going back to the Tiger I P is a bit of a blow to the rest of us.

_Pacos_Tacos_ #22 Posted Mar 22 2017 - 03:27


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To be honest the Pz.Kpfw. VII isn't all that great. Comparing it to the other German heavies at the moment I find it the least competitive for a few reasons.

Reason #1 The Armor

  • Mantle: Sure it has relatively good all around armor but when you look at it closer and actually play the tank it isn't all that great. The mantle has (in my opinion) an armor hole where anything with more than 200mm of pen can go through. Through playing this tank I find that it can't hull down effectively because of this. Arguing the case of "not many people know that weak-spot" isn't very usable considering some un-aimed shots go into the mantle(because of rng) and pen.
  • Turret Ring Bulge:The bulge front the turret ring is also a major weak-spot but I'm not really complaining too much about that because I have learned how to play around that weak-spot by playing the FV215B a bit.

Reason #2 The Gun

  • DPM: This one is pretty straightforward, the fact that it has less dpm than both of the other German tier 10 heavies is odd. The Maus(even though I believe the Maus was over buffed) I can somewhat understand since it has lower alpha, so more dpm makes up for the disparity in the guns ability. The fact that the E100 has better dpm makes no sense. A gun with 750 alpha should not out dpm a gun with 560 alpha, unless the lower alpha gun has better stats in all other categories but it doesn't.
  • Gun handling: As some/most of you already know, on paper the gun handling isn't that bad, in fact it is better than the previously mentioned E100's gun handling in almost ever way, and you can feel the difference, but in practice I find that it feels wonky. Fully aimed shots just tend to not go anywhere near the target( sure rng is a big factor than this). I feel like I am using a derp gun with high velocity when playing this tank (I want feed back on this specifically because these are my own, as well as a clan-mates experiences)
  • DPM again...: Just as a reminder the Pz.Kpfw. VII has the worst dpm out of any of the tier 10 heavies...even the Type5 without the derp( even if the Type 5 was using the derp I think it would still have higher usable dpm with non pens)
  • Penetration: The standard ammo is pretty great with its pen, it is the prem rounds tat I don't agree with, I think they should have made it something like 320-325, anything more would seem like a bit much. It just isn't that reliable with that aspect.

Conslusion : I wouldn't recommend this tank to anyone who is grinding out the German heavies. I would recommend the Maus and E100 way before this thing. Having the worst overall dpm as a tier 10 heavy, with 'odd' gun handling and pretty arguable armor (at best), it just isn't a tank that wowed me in any way.


Improvements! : Not all of these would be implented, just a few 'food for thought' things

  1.  Fixing that mantle...like yesterday.
  2.  Giving it better over-the-side and rear gun depression, something like the E50M before patch 9.17. maybe making it 8 instead of 7
  3.  Giving it better over-the-front gun depression, to 6 instead of 5.
  4.  Giving it better dpm, making it on par with the E100 at the very least.
  5.  Changing the aiming time or the dispersion values. From 2.49 seconds to an even 2.4 seconds

In-game name: _Pacos_Tacos_


Blackwatche #23 Posted Mar 22 2017 - 19:06


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if its not anyone problem, its mine, I'm one of the few who like the VK 45.02 (p) ausf a, its not very popular tank but some people found their way playing with it like that heavy weight maneuverable tank, but the new model of the tank that came with the update is sucks, relaying on documents they said there were two VK 45.02 (p) models one with front mounted turret and one with rear mounted turret model drawn by Ferdinand Porsche, so why did Wargaming change the model, it was nice the tracks the frontal armor but now its seriously ugly pls I request Wargaming to use the previous model of this tank in further updates if that is possible.

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