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Update 9.17.1 - Vehicle balance changes Feedback

tanks 9.17.1

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Springfield_Fats #41 Posted Mar 06 2017 - 10:52


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View PostLeaveIT2Beaver, on Feb 28 2017 - 16:45, said:

  • "Power Creep". The new buzz words for "hey I got penned and I am mad", :trollface:


You dont have alot of brain cells to spare do you.There is a disgraceful gap between the old tanks and new tanks. Old tanks are rapidly being made obsolete.


You can suck off the developers all you want, but they absolutely are in the wrong. You can't add new tanks that far outweigh all the old ones and expect the game to just work around it.

m0nk3ysaurusrex #42 Posted Mar 11 2017 - 21:20


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I am so sick and tired of getting into a random battle and having BC-55-58 and 2-3 other arty on the other team. They choose 1 target and totally and completely ruin their game. If you want to see the population of people who like arty and those who dont make a random queue where you can choose to play WITHOUT arty, and a normal queue. Watch how many people would start playing random battles again!!! Arty is totally and completely ruining this game, along with no gold economy on the global maps. At least solve the easy one, get arty out of this game it is utterly broken.


Motok0 #43 Posted Mar 12 2017 - 00:29


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Just took 1883 damage from an HE shell in my E75 from an m53/m55.


Seems balanced.


Also seems like 50% of the shots i receive are premium, in all tier vehicles of all types.


Seems legit.



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Tedsc #44 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 23:20


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M4 Improved needs a better gun or preferential MM.  Look at the tier 5 medium premiums and the only other tank with under 100 penetration is the Matilda IV which never has to fight Tier 7 armor.  The M4  improved has the same gun as the M3 or as the stock M4, not much of an improvement if it uses stock equipment.

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kkrikkett #45 Posted Yesterday, 04:39 AM


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View PostPCA_PANADES, on Mar 05 2017 - 18:59, said:

WG should be quite retarded. Grille 15 gun elevation and depression just do not match its geomety... and you idiots of WG have courage to nerf the gun depression to -7 when you should buff it to the real values it should have.

So Grille 15 is just high to get its cammo ruined; it, just can't give it gun depression. You are quite ridiculous, quite idiots. You are too much arbitrary and this will just make you lose players. The time will show it.


I am not happy with mine at all. It already was quite unfair play being you stick out so bad it needed everything it had before to make it playable why mess with a good thing. Well you can always make it better now cant get any worse than it is now

MakesSerbProud #46 Posted Yesterday, 10:42 PM

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View PostWirbelfeld, on Feb 28 2017 - 10:09, said:


The cupola was inpenetrable if you were hull down using your gun depression. Even with gold rounds. The side armor was very thick because of the huge tracks and made the e5 perfect sidescraper. It needed a nerf. Even right now, the cupola is difficult to hit if the e5 is hull down and using all of its gun depression


That being said, e5 was overnerfed. I agree with the cupola nerf, but felt like it should have been accompanied with a mobility buff or a gun buff. In its current state, the e5 is just a mediocre medium, and a mediocre heavy.


WHAT?!? An american heavy tank being incredibly strong in a hull down position? It's almost like it's following along with the entire theme of the line!

Wirbelfeld #47 Posted Yesterday, 11:34 PM

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View PostMakesSerbProud, on Mar 22 2017 - 21:42, said:


WHAT?!? An american heavy tank being incredibly strong in a hull down position? It's almost like it's following along with the entire theme of the line!


yeah except the hull's upper plate is impossible to penetrate, and you get unprecedented mobility and firepower

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