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9.17.1 UI changes and improvements feedback thread

9.17.1 UI

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Athdara #41 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 04:43


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I can not find the option in the menu where you can change from the current ridiculous icon multicolored mess that i have to click 4 or 5 times to open to find the stats that i could just have in one nice simple area with no scrolling necessary. 

did they move the option somewhere else? I have looked at all the options but i cant find it and i cant remember where it was last time because i changed it from the current version to the user friendly version that is most definitely not there now and never looked back. Where the heck did it go? 


Diacom #42 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 07:01

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   The tank stats display is SHYT.  At least before you gave us the option of dummy mode or the full stats that most of us preferred.  Now you've taken that away and given us a dummy mode that is even worse than before.

All of these new features, and you guys still fail to realize why it is folks use mods:




The whole point of mods is we can pick and chose what we like and don't like, not have you guys chose for us and then not give us the choice of not being able to get rid of the crap that's being forced upon us.  The other is that others are doing it better.  Sorry to have to say it, but they are.


So maybe WG should go back to what they do best, messing up the way the game works, keep pushing HD models on tanks and making the mini map look like SHYT, and leave the Mod game open and available to others who are doing a better job.

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JasFromOz #43 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 09:30


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Nah, keep pumping out more premium garbage and don't fix the broken stuff.  Excellent idea!!

_Packer_ #44 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 14:19


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View PostCode__Dragon, on Feb 23 2017 - 20:13, said:

Please return the "Show Advanced Vehicle Statistics in Garage". The "Simplified menu" is too cumbersome and clumsy.


What Code__Dragon said.  ^^^ The "old" way is so much better.

BigRedTankGuy #45 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 14:23


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View PostCode__Dragon, on Feb 23 2017 - 21:13, said:

Please return the "Show Advanced Vehicle Statistics in Garage". The "Simplified menu" is too cumbersome and clumsy.


And pointless. Yes this :great:

Jonathan_E #46 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 15:26


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View PostXeroproject, on Feb 23 2017 - 21:43, said:




The "simplified" vehicle stats are trash.  A vehicle having 558 firepower tells me exactly nothing.  I don't know how WG is calculating that number and trying to figure out what that number means in context is hardly "simple" compared to just checking the penetration + rate of fire + alpha damage.


Adding scroll bars where there was no need to scroll before is cumbersome and annoying, get that crap out of here.  I've often said that WoT and WoWS UI teams should get together to present a unified UI, but I mean by combining the best features of both UIs.  Having to expand sections to see the stats you want to see and then scroll through the stats is not the best feature of the WoWS UI, its a terrible feature.  We wouldn't have this issue without the useless numbers and this is a change that will actually encourage me to search for a mod to fix it as checking a stat with a glance via the old vehicle specifications is much quicker and easier than expanding sections and scrolling about for it.


Totally agree.

Striker_70 #47 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 20:09


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Why was it decided to get rid of the screen aspect ratio options?  


We used to be able to select from aspect ratios like 4:3, 5:4, 19:10, etc.  


But now we can't select it at all?  The options completely disappeared?  Why in the world would this be considered a good idea?


Some of us relied on these options to make things more normal-looking when playing on different computers which ran at different resolutions.  Now you can't even do that anymore.  For what reason?  


This makes just about as much sense as taking away the gamma slider.   This makes just about as much sense as taking away the field of view slider.  This makes just about as much sense as taking away the color filter options.   This change was completely unnecessary and a detriment to the game.  Customers want more options, not fewer.


Ironclad73 #48 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 20:50


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View Postzerostorer, on Feb 24 2017 - 08:29, said:



In regards to your Simplified Technical Characteristics Display...


Please just put it back to the way you had it before? you know with the option.. I too enjoyed the old interface and this was really a simplified technical characteristics display...


I don't want averages, I don't want to expand categories that make me have to scroll to see quick stats on my tank, I don't want all the fluff that distracts rather than helps...hence simplified...


anyone else feel the same way?

At first I was upset about this, but I really like the advanced information in it now, it shows all the specs with the current equipment and skills. Liking that.

Would be nice if there was a quick button right in the garage to change it back and forth though.

gdbackus #49 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 21:23


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dooner30 #50 Posted Feb 25 2017 - 22:24

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How about a button that shows you your non elited tanks that way you know what you need to grind! 


Ohh and Balance MM would be nice 

Sensei_101 #51 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 00:02

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View PostWyldcardz, on Feb 23 2017 - 21:40, said:

I couldnt find another thread that might be the correct one to post my question in besides this one so i hope im in the right place, lolz. I looked all over the "Patch Notes" but couldnt find the answer so here goes. Going by the screenshot below from the Garage, when i mouse over my tank in the lineup at the bottom of the screen it gives me a number in parenthesis & a percentage number. What are they for & what do they relate to?  :unsure:




It indicates that your highest achievement, so far, in that tank is a 2nd Class and that you WinRate is 67%.

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SpaceGK #52 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 02:37


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I see that the battle notification log now has 3 different event types it can be sorted into and displayed as: All events, Battle Performance, Damage received.


I used to use the log to show only assisted damage, and it perfectly complimented the modded logs that I have, but now that's not an option. In order to see the assisted damage log I now have to also have it display a log of the damage I've done, which I find that makes it into quite a cluster of information that I have to take a few seconds to sort out in my head.


I suppose I'm asking that we either get the option to show only assisted damage in the log, or we get the ability to place damage done, damaged received, and assisted damage logs into 3 different places.

So either way, a little more customization would be ideal.


Keep these log changes coming WG and within a few updates you'll have removed the need for many of my mods, but be careful you don't remove customization from players in the meantime, or you'll be right back at square one.


PS. To clarify a thing; I am aware that we can move the received damage log to the top of the screen now, but moving the damaged received log to the right of the logs original location (at the bottom left of the UI) would be perfect!

TinManSmith #53 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 04:36


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Put it back!

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P_A_N_Z_E_R #54 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 04:45


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Is there a chance that someone could tell me how we can change commander's voice in the game? Supposedly new update has this feature. Many tanks:bush:

Eleven_Hotel #55 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 05:04

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When looking for vehicle statistics from garage, it displays them on the right. But highlights a different vehicle on the list.

Dr_Richard_Daystrom #56 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 07:02


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Can not find any where in the Garage or when comparing vehicles a listing of the range of SPGs shells

AstraNme #57 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 08:30


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View Postdooner30, on Feb 25 2017 - 22:24, said:

How about a button that shows you your non elited tanks that way you know what you need to grind! 


Ohh and Balance MM would be nice 


I've been asking for a non-elite tank button at every updates since they implemented the filters.  It seems like it is such a simple thing to do yet they don't do it.  Instead they have created fancy buttons and added a field to search by name.  Search by name?  I don't think that was a necessary change at all.  I have, never in the history of playing this game, ever wanted to search for a single tank by name.  Tier, nation, type, premium, non-elite, elite?  Yes.  But by name?  Never.

MDizN #58 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 10:01


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View PostJTM78, on Feb 24 2017 - 02:15, said:

I would like to know how you stop the simplified stats from popping up in the garage when you scroll over your tanks? I unchecked it in the tab but all that did was stop showing the master percentage when I scrolled over my tanks. I run vanilla, so it is a mod issue.

Edit; I love that WoT added the premium shell indicator, I would have never thought that 75% of the shells hitting/ penetrating my Heavies are PREMIUM SHELLS!


View PostJasFromOz, on Feb 25 2017 - 09:30, said:

Nah, keep pumping out more premium garbage and don't fix the broken stuff.  Excellent idea!!


Exactly this - both the premium shells and other garbage are really starting to make this game very frustrating.  Today in two games I watched the extremely OP E-25 (a tank you at WoT have admitted was way OP and pulled it out of the shop only to put it back in.) just walk all over the other team, pretty much 1 shot most of them. It seems more and more premium tanks will just rule the match, bouncing or over matching armor on all they come across. And the number of people that feel as if they just HAVE to use premium rounds to get the damage, or to feel like they are bad-a== is disconcerting. I had a T-1 Heavy that was top tier use it, in 3 games in half an hour 3 different Hellcats, and the list goes on and on.

If the changes you have been making are to push more people to pay for the Rounds or the tanks, so they feel as if they are being 'competitive' or so they can puff out their chest and brag about how GOOD they are (and put more money in the coffers), then you are doing a BANG up job.

Note* after all the talk about the issue with armor over matching I did not see anything mentioned. Especially on tanks like the Swedish TDs that you were SOOO proud to announce and push. Only to have every lite in existence be able to PEN from half a map away


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Nonamanadus #59 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 14:48


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Battles are smooth, however in the garage the mouse cursor will occasionally spin when closing a window which takes a while to close.

ExploratorOne #60 Posted Feb 26 2017 - 17:15


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View PostCode__Dragon, on Feb 23 2017 - 15:13, said:

Please return the "Show Advanced Vehicle Statistics in Garage". The "Simplified menu" is too cumbersome and clumsy.


This ^^

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