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9.17.1 General Feedback thread

9.17.1 update

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Striker_Six #81 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 00:11


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How about fixing the [edited]vision mechanics!!!! every time you kill an enemy your sighted after they are already dead!!! you can't spot an enemy when you're [edited]dead!!!!   If I was not visible before I fired, kill them in one shot, there is no [edited]way I should get lit up and spotted after they are dead!!!!!!  you dumb [edited]couldn't program a mouse trap!!!!!

Xhausted #82 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 01:17


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If i ever hit ANYTHING with my BC58 it's like i hit with a Nerf Ball!!  Grow a pair and remove  it all together...   you people listen to crying mediums that are to lazy to ad the extra  skill of avoiding arty.  BTW..  where is the statement how you nerfed my cammo in the last patch? thats more bs, you give me construction flashers instead of camo net!  Just remove it all together so i can move on!


DMWelter #83 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 03:43


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I have a suggestion for platournaments :).

The duration of the matches could be reduced, I believe 4 minutes is more than enough to kill each other, the long times are boring because you have to wait A LOT between matches, and the whole tournament lasts basically 1 and a half hour, I believe this could easily be reduced to 1 hour and make the experience much more enjoyable.

Anyway that's what I suggest, thank you for reading!

Razgriz1_Blaze #84 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 15:54


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I'm going to ask this as plainly as possible. I've come back after several months of doing other things and after playing a few rounds the only question I have is this: Why have you nerfed the living [edited]out of all the arty pieces? You are completely unbalancing the game which is the dumbest model for future business I have ever seen...

spedkey #85 Posted Mar 25 2017 - 18:41

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This update still doesn't have this feature.

I think it would be a nice addition to the interface.

bigDOGmetz #86 Posted Mar 26 2017 - 18:08


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Mouse hover information does not work in garage or post battle information. Also, in the garage when you click like Spotting, Concealment, etc.. to right of screen it sometimes works and then at some point stops working.


Doughboy80 #87 Posted Mar 27 2017 - 18:21


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At tier 8, I would love to see some changes. Constantly getting tier 10 matches is very disheartening. I have really loved this game but recently, it's just lost its fun factor. I don't mind a tier 10 battle maybe every 1-2 games out of 10, but EVERY tier 8 match is a little much. 

SteamFish #88 Posted Apr 01 2017 - 23:57


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The weekends where you give out rentals for free are awful.  The games become even less balanced and I am less likely to see good play.  I really like watching the good players do their thing, but when you give out medium to high tier tanks the play goes to the toilet.  Please PLEASE stop.  It kills all pleasure I have in the game. 

PteFrazer2 #89 Posted Apr 02 2017 - 04:01


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Since 9.17.1 came out, I'd been having terrible problems with the game locking up randomly, eventually resulting in a message 'Connection to server interrupted'.  Thought it was a server or internet issue.  However, I think I solved it today by uninstalling the anti-virus program AVIRA, in particular the associated Software Updater.  Went back to AVG and I've had no problems since.  


Allegra #90 Posted Apr 02 2017 - 04:18

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Just an observation.


Ever noticed that lately WG Mods begin threads asking questions and then either rarely or in fact never participate in them again?


Point in question: Not only this thread but also the official thread for lag issues where Mods have only replied on 3 occasions (2 of which were on the first page) in approximately 280 odd posts.


I almost get the feeling that they are trying to contain people's posts in one section and then promptly forget about them.


Even the odd 'Thanks tankers for you feed back - we're continuing to look at your suggestions/problems and will update you with news.' would satisfy me.



tickerag26 #91 Posted Apr 03 2017 - 16:14


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How about this. EVERY game now, and i've been playing a long time now, I either get ammo racked, engine dead, driver dead, gunner dead, ammo racked again, and again and again, optics shot, turret locked, gun dead and so on.

Now, I remember games when none of this happened to this frequency and can only draw two conclusions that either 1) Players have the mod that tells you where to hit a tank or 2) WG are upping the sensitivity so you need to buy plenty of consumables all the time.

EVERY game I get some kind of disability and surely you cannot get hit in a specific area that gives you a disability to that regularity. Its ridiculous as it certainly never used to be like this. I'm really not enjoying this game anymore and I used to love it. The premium tanks that are being shoveled out the door to encourage players to part with their money is a huge amount. It used to be more sedate and subtle but equally appealing. Now its a farce.

Well I guess WG have made their money out of me so what do they care anymore?



Matross #92 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 01:41


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The game still glitches out with "updating vehicles" when platooning... pretty annoying, but still work-able. Please look into~ TY WG! ^^

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