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Radman_art Video's About My Art part 3

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Fro:Radman_Art Blog Homepage 2017

February 25 2017:
If you want to download this video and keep forever as a memento of Radman_Art Here is a Google Drive link you can download the video; with this link: https://drive.google...R3RJQmRPdGFVSTg

This video was made February 02, 2017

I have owned a Hohner Blues harmonica in the key of B; all my life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hohner. I am trying to get more siked up about skateboarding these days; after dismantling my huge outside skateboard ramp and the eventually reassembling it. I have not worked this hard in a long time. It was fun showing big paintings. Big paintings take about a month to complete. If I could sell my art I would paint huge only. I always use local landscapes and horses in all my paintings. It makes me so sad to see so much of the beautiful land here leveled to put up malls and such.  When will the destruction of our ecosystem stop? When we run out of breathable air? I love playing my electric guitar with my old seasoning jar. I got that guitar for $80.00 at Target.com. I hardly ever play my instruments and that makes it way more fun when I do. from: radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com
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