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Stop And Fire - Please Explain

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Blackstone #21 Posted Apr 25 2017 - 18:12


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View PostBlackhorse_Requiem, on Feb 26 2017 - 06:29, said:


In addition to the game-side explanation, this was a Real World method of engagement before the age of stabilization (and is a current default method when the stabe system is broken) by which a moving tank stopped "just long enough" to give itself a stable platform to shoot from. Before the age of stabilization, most tanks practiced this method of engagement, later to become known in the US Army as a Short Halt.


Short Halt gunnery improves the chances of a first-round hit when compared to the elevated odds against a first-round hit when firing while on the move without the aid of a stabilizer. No tank should ever fire more than two rounds from the Short Halt because every second spent stationary is time the enemy can use to sharpen his acquisition.


More often than not, two rounds out is one too many and no longer qualifies to be described as a Short Halt.




As a former 19K M1A1 driver, I can tell you the short halt can make or break you. Stop. Aim. Fire. Move. All in 3-5 seconds, which is the amount of time it should take the loader to load the next round. As soon at the round leaves the barrel, you're on the move. don't wait to see it hit. If you do, you just run the risk of getting nailed yourself. If done with practice, a tank crew with good short halt skills is a force to be feared, even in today's age of vertical stabilization. 


It takes practice. Real world, as a driver, you had to have steady, light hands. Know your tank and see how she handles stops and when at full speed. Each one has it's little quirks and you get to know them. Essentially, let the tank do the work for you. Don't overcompensate. that's how I was taught.


How does this translate int WoT. Well, for me, I think my method is when going right from the W key and tap the S key right afterward. Reason being is when going from moving to stop, there is a slight to severe rocking forward action to the tank (inertia). You're bringing several tons of steel to a quick halt and inertia is still in action. So, by me using my S key right after I stop, that lurching motion is partially if not completely negated. Heck, I'm still trying to get it right. But when it works it beautiful. YMMV.

Yu86 #22 Posted Apr 26 2017 - 19:16

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View PostStrike_Witch_Tomoko, on Feb 25 2017 - 19:01, said:

......did not know of that...


theres at least 4 people i know of who could use that <.<


lol, see, that's how intuitive this game is.

wataweasle #23 Posted Dec 01 2018 - 03:56


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I visited here because the UI had that keybinding flagged as new. Thanks for the explanation.  BTW I usually can't hit the broadside of a barn while on the move. So I've always WASD'd the Short Halt method. Can't get auto aim to work reliably either.



dunniteowl #24 Posted Dec 01 2018 - 16:30


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When I first downloaded the game, I looked at ALL the controls and keybindings.  Habit from playing a lot of complex simulation games that come with their own Keyboard Guides you could lay over the keys -- or, in most cases, read and have a template beside you for quick reference.


Stop and Fire.  Hmm.  Sounds interesting.  R Key and F Key for geared forward and reverse,  Hmm.  Sounds interesting.  Auto-aim.  Hmm, that sounds real interesting.


I am just TOO hands on with this game and cannot use these functions.  I suppose if I did I might be a smidge better a tanker, I am not sure.  I just can't leave my fingers off the keys for driving and firing on my own.  In all my matches, I have only accidentally used the auto-aim function maybe four times.  It was really annoying when not done on purpose.


I use the space bar for A or D Snap turns and I prefer that.  I can even pull a pretty good Clutch Brake maneuver in the Grille or 41 HMC if I'm on the right terrain and going quickly enough.  The geared movement via R and F?  Annoying, because they tend to get accidentally activated when in Sniper view or Overhead View, depending on the unit being piloted.


If this game weren't so intensely exciting to play, maybe I could use those keys in the manner intended.  As it is, they literally cause me grief instead.



I'm glad some folks can make use of them.  I'm just as glad that there are so many ways to use the keys for different folks, allowing for a variety of playing styles.  I just can't use or make use of them.  At least not yet.




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