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Horrendous lag spikes since 9.17.1 update


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Squirty69 #101 Posted Apr 27 2017 - 23:18


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Two things to try. Yall may or may not have heard these but here goes. If you have an Nvidia card, go to the control panel, the 3d settings, under displays if set to multiple display par mode, set to single. I'm doing this from mem so hunt around if I'm to vague. This did not not work for me but I read that it did for some. Also, and this DID work for me, go to the windows device manager, under control panel and disable all the audio devices that aren't being used. Hope it solves it for you.


* I spoke too soon, still sh1t. I may just quit. Wg is sloppy.

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Shankmeyster #102 Posted May 03 2017 - 07:03


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Just started attempting to play again after months away and laggy as hell. Strange thing is I can play Warships just fine with no lag but when I try this on either server it lags hard.

ex3cutor #103 Posted May 18 2017 - 18:32


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Terrible lag for me some times, impossible to play with a ping up to 999.


On Speedtest my ping was 6 ms at the same time. And WoT is the only game I experience such instability.

Doomslinger #104 Posted May 19 2017 - 03:09


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I am getting lag after 5 pm EST now. In the mornings and early afternoon, it works fine. I checked on my end and my internet connection has the same performance no matter what time of day. My computer is the only one using this connection and its direct wire to the router. No wireless is being used on my setup and it isn't even enabled on the router. Other games work fine. Something weird is going on with the game or servers. It was really bad right after patch 9.17 and for a month the game was almost unplayable on NA east server but then they released that fix and everything was fine up until a couple of days ago. The evening lag on NA east has returned.

wilwoods #105 Posted May 20 2017 - 19:20


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tried west server.. tried changing graphic settings etc. FPS jumped up but lag is still so bad you can't play.. just looks worse


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