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Horrendous lag spikes since 9.17.1 update


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GHR1227 #121 Posted Jul 19 2017 - 05:49

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Been having awful spikes of lag and packet loss.   I'm on an I3-4130 with an nVidia 750Ti using July4th 2017 drivers;

idk the version.    I'm in Houston, on Xfinity 70M down/10M up cable, and have lower ping on East Server.


I use team speak and a couple of other online games (splinter cell blacklist and borderlands to name two) and never notice

any ping issues in multiplayer mod there.  Only in WoT.


WoT runs at max graphics full screen without any problems UNLESS there is packet loss and lag spikes. 


Packet loss makes me have 2-3 sec input delay in driving and shooting with nominal ping of 40.

This obviously takes a toll on my ability to hit enemy since the shots ghost where I thought the tank was.

Or the shot will just seem to explode mid air without any feed back of a hit nor my seeing the shot land.

If I'm platooning my toon mate might see it land far from where I aimed at or right in front short. 

Couple normal dispersion with packet loss and it's a recipe for bad game play.

I've noticed my hit ratio taking a hit such as 45 hits in 100 shots and only 20 penetrations. 

I play a lot of heavies and mediums so he shots should hit more than that.


The lag spikes are short bursts or longer ones of ping of 300 for more for a few seconds.

At this point is when my minimap and game begin rubber banding badly and it becomes unplayable.


A few minutes ago at about 11:30PM CDT -July 18th I had 300ms spikes in two different battles while in a

light tank.  Both ended with my lagging into the open and getting shot to hamburger.   The ping was 300ms to start

then dropped to near normal 40-50 ping.  Then after a few minutes it started rubber banding but ping

stayed put at 40-50 and then jumped followed by the aforementioned spikes in ping.


I have noted others in my clan saying they had bad ping but I thought it was their WiFi, but now I'm not so sure.

A clan I play Strongholds with last had two members unable to play when they kept dropping connection from

WoT and they are both in Montana in same household.

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