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No sound in Global Map battle


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AceMasterX #1 Posted Feb 27 2017 - 14:24


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Hi, yesterday we were defending our province and early in the battle we destroyed an enemy T37. This was the only tank we detected from the enemy (in clan wars you dont know what tanks have the enemy until you detect them) and then we heard the sound like the battle is finished, and from this point the sound simply did go off, we simply cant hear anything in the rest of the battle. We were 7 players and all reported that in the voice call. It seems that the game client "thinks" that the battle is finished cause we destroyed all detected enemy tanks.

Before the last update i remmember we heard that finish battle sound in similar situations were you destroyed all detected tanks, witch can be comfusing cause if you detected and destroyed 6 tanks you can start to think they only brought 6 tanks instead of 7, and it takes time to you to realize that there is another undetected tank somewhere, but the sound going off is new and very annoying.

I watched the replay and it happen there too when the countdown clock reach 13:00.

My replay:  https://files.fm/u/c9ztedv8 

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Wolfskrieger #2 Posted Feb 27 2017 - 15:03


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I noticed that too. It started for everybody on our team after we destroyed their last spotted tank. We thought the battle was over, or they only brought 6 tanks - but the sound was off until we killed their last guy. Weird

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sidewinderwill #3 Posted Feb 27 2017 - 15:21


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Very confusing its happening to all clans, hope its fixed soon.

mutantmatt #4 Posted Mar 01 2017 - 04:12


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Ditto, same is happening to us.



mod101 #5 Posted Mar 02 2017 - 21:25


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Can Confirm this is happening. It is reproducible when you spot a one-a few tanks on the enemies side and kill them before spotting anything else. Match over soundbite plays then all sound drops out for the rest of the match.

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