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Some light tanks missing the bonus to camo on the move.

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StrokerMcGavin #1 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 01:44


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Light tanks are supposed to have the same camo values regardless of when they are moving or stationary.


Since 9.17.1 added accurate camo values to the garage I noticed that some light tanks are missing the bonus to their camo on the move. Below is a list of light tanks missing the bonus by tier, premium tanks included:


Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3

Cruiser Mk. II

Cruiser Mk. IV

Stuart I-IV

AMX 38

Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t)

LT vz. 38



BT-7 artillery




Type 2597 Chi-Ha

Strv m/40L


Tier 4


AMX 40


The Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J and AMX 13 57 GF aren't in the tech tree and I don't own them, so I can't check them, but all the other lights have the bonus to moving camo.


Since the light tree is being worked on to be extended to tier 10, please give all lights the bonus to moving camo, as this is the only thing that makes light tanks unique.

madogthefirst #2 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 01:45


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They decided some need it while others can go [edited]themselves.

Playz4Fun #3 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 01:52


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I was unaware that tanks had camouflage while moving. I thought camouflage was something that existed only for vehicles that sitting still.

Nunya_000 #4 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 02:01


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All scouts are Light Tanks, but not all Light Tanks are scouts.


The camo bonus does not apply to all LTs....as you just found out.  You will probably also notice that none of those tanks have scout MM either.

ket101 #5 Posted Feb 28 2017 - 02:18


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It's never been the case that all light tanks had the same camo rating moving as they did stationary.  Never.  Not even all tanks that were supposed to be scout tanks had the same camo rating.  There were exceptions to every rule.

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