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Game Load-in Glitch

glitch loadin loading

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RatingTitan2 #1 Posted Mar 01 2017 - 14:20


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I have been playing for the past day with no problems, but all of a sudden I get one game where the load in screen doesnt go away after you connect to the server. I attached some pictures to show, and the ones where the team screen thing isnt showing is because I pressed V to go to 'hardcore mode' (lol). I did not think to restart my game in-game, so when I eventually died and went back to garage, I had a similar problem. I can see the background garage, and once the game ended the tank loaded in, but there are none of the regular garage options... 


...sooo for the life of me I cant get the picture to load. Obviously, restarting my game now works, but I guess I might as well still report this. It was kinda weird.

Quigley66 #2 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 12:49


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For me the game closes down immediately after the countdown finishes. Been able to only play to complete games.

_Tsavo_ #3 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 12:57


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Game crashes on first load, relaunch and it works.


Also have to play win windowed mode.  If in full screen left clicking minimizes the game.


It's early, bugs are to be expected.  Once the game is running it's stable, provided I stay windowed (as unfun as that is)

CrinZin #4 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 00:34


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my game continually crashes on loading, gets to garage, freezes and has me restart my game.  After it restarts it does the exact same thing again.

lucky417 #5 Posted Jun 29 2017 - 07:24


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some times I load into  a battle and the players names are not there on the left and right side of the screen and then the game restarts and I'm dead, tank is in water, blown up or drove off cliff. by the time I get back in the game

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