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I'm done.

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Iron_Soul_Stealer #61 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 06:29


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View PostTheBattleMaster8, on Apr 01 2017 - 03:00, said:

I've never liked XVM. It's obvious it causes problems.


^...Like I said, OP, I strongly suspect that this IS-3 player was running XVM, and it probably showed only a "20% chance to win", or such. That's why he was playing so conservatively cowardly.


Just recently, I had an E-25 teammate deliberately drown himself immediately after the countdown. I don't even run XVM, but I know he did it on purpose, and I know why. He was also our top tier tank. Yes, we were quickly steamrolled, but regardless of the suggested "chance to win", he didn't even try. True story. And yes, I did report him. What a coward.


So, you want to know the real 'cancer' here in this game..?

It's XVM, and that %chance to win indicator. It needs to be surgically removed before it kills our game.



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