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Artist Looking To Make Clan Logos


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andruss160 #1 Posted Mar 05 2017 - 14:31


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Come around my children.  Come to the art hut.  A place of wonders and questionable scents from various cauldrons.  Cauldrons you ask!  Why what are in those cauldrons?? Something perhaps... something that could be yours!!  These cauldrons contain the moistest of mixtures that may just cure the dryness of your clan.   A dryness that could be easily rectified my a nice, moist logo.  


If the chemo has worked and you survived that painful paragraph that means you are truly ready to have a proper logo properly represent your clan in the grande competitive scene of WoT.  I can splurge out anything from regular logos to teamspeak icons and recruitment posters.  All I need is a theme and color and boom! Instant progress will be made.  All this can be yours for a measly 2500 gold in-game, cause ya-know, real life currency doesn't even matter anymore. I try to pop them out in a week or so due to my bunging ghetto schedule that leaves like 15m a day to do not life-related things so... Obviously if you want it a little faster order it like on a Friday so it gets done over the weekend, but I digress.  

Throw me an email at andrussderp@gmail.com if you'd like one cause I never check the forums.

Below are just some examples of the fruits of my labor and milk... lots of milk. 

Also if you want a non-digital made picture like the steampunk tank prices may vary cause like, even more milk goes into to those. 


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