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Strongholds 2.0 Data Tracking Form - NA

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Xeroproject #1 Posted Mar 07 2017 - 03:05


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Purpose: to collect as many data points as possible on what game modes of SH 2.0 are being played, how many industrial resources (boxes) are won per match, how often artillery or airstrikes are being used, match length, how often bonuses such as High-Capacity Transports are being used, etc


With this data, both clans and WG can see what the optimum gamemodes are for boxes per hour, avg boxes gained in a win or loss, how many hours are required per tier to maintain reserve usage of various tiers, etc.  Most importantly, if we get enough data from a variety of clans, this data can be used to recommend adjustments and tweaks to the SH system.


SH2.0 Data Tracker- NA - its a short & sweet Google Form, meant to be filled out by 1 person per stronghold team that your clan is running.  Please try to avoid having multiple people fill out responses for the same stronghold team, resulting in duplicate data.




For those of you who also play on EU or know people that play on EU, here is an EU version of the form that we can use to compare the servers if we get enough responses.  Feel free to distribute.

dance210 #2 Posted Mar 07 2017 - 04:15

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Very cool Xeroproject, thanks for taking this on! :honoring:

johnmadara #3 Posted Mar 07 2017 - 09:17


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interesting but it will probably not be very accurate as anyone seeing this post could make any result

sidewinderwill #4 Posted Mar 07 2017 - 18:14


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I can say our clan has gone from 450 strongholds a month to less then 30...The mode is too slow and become frustrating.

Hans_von_Twitchy #5 Posted Mar 09 2017 - 03:36

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View Postsidewinderwill, on Mar 07 2017 - 18:14, said:

I can say our clan has gone from 450 strongholds a month to less then 30...The mode is too slow and become frustrating.


My clan, LOAD, is also annoyed by the new SH. Long queue times to get matched against highly skilled teams, and meeting the same teams over and over again. We do very little SH'ing now.

LpBronco #6 Posted Mar 14 2017 - 12:41


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... and we've picked up the pace and the inclusion of legionnaires has made getting games easier. 

Rhyox #7 Posted Mar 20 2017 - 18:54


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how many legionnaires can you have before your clan does not get and crates?

Tarnagakure #8 Posted Apr 04 2017 - 04:51


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Honestly this whole new SH idea is not right. We used to run 600+ in 28 days. Now we are down to 100 because of 3 min queue times for tier 6 and 13 min queue times for tier 8. God forbid we try tier 10. Lack of training and fun. I guess why not take out the fun in an entertainment game. Right?

Threeway #9 Posted Mar 11 2018 - 01:17


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Oh Great data tracking in Stronks and WG is involved. The only thing that will do is help WG reduce the amount of boxes and coin you make.

Look At the way they took any gold you used to make in CW and tournament play.

WG has a proven track record of taken any profits out of the game.

the CW is a easy fix Make provinces loose gold if you sit on it for too long will make clans move around.

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