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Battle offsets, am I missing something? (CW-related)

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stinkybean60 #1 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 00:04


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So I know there are a lot of things that CW doesn't really do right, and yet still things I don't know that are probably wrong too, but one thing I think is really stupid is the whole idea of battle offsets. The premise is, if you end up having 3 battles at once and have no possibility of fielding 3 teams, you can offset it for 15 minutes, essentially buying yourself time.


But what I don't like (or maybe just don't understand) is why the latest time you can apply for an offset is **3 hours** before battles are set to start, while the latest you can apply for an attack (either by land or by landing tourney/auction) is **1 hour**.


The point being, if a clan waits to declare an attack at the latest possible time (i.e. 1 or 2 hours before they are set to start) then the clan they're attacking has LITERALLY no chance to offset. In other words, unless the attacking clan announces they will attack like hours upon hours before they need to, the offset system is totally useless for the clan under attack.


Why would WG put a system in that can't be used? Here's how they should fix it:


Concerning attacks:

  • Your clan can attack an adjacent province by land if the following conditions are met: At least TWO hours is left before the Prime Time in the province.
  • (Auctions) You can make or remove your bid no later than TWO hours before the Prime Time starts in the province.
  • (Landings) An application can be submitted or canceled up to TWO hours before the Prime Time in a province.


Concerning offsets:

  • The application can be submitted after the end of the battles and not later than ONE turn before the next Prime Time.


With this system, chipspam won't really happen as much because you have the option to offset even after battle announcements are finalized. There is absolutely no reason this feature should be in the game otherwise, because to purposefully flood a clan with battles, you (or a group) can just wait until 1 hour before prime time to move divisions. And the clan they are attacking is pretty much screwed given they can field even one less team, as the penalties build. The current system doesn't reward team skill as much as it could, and if they changed it to the above, clans that can't field two full teams for whatever reasons (league, tourneys at the same time, or just too many simuls) would have ample time to offset.

Roccandil #2 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 01:52

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I like the concept, though it would make chipping harder for some folks (they don't get off work in time).


I would also consider removing no-show penalties on defenses; I think the penalties should only happen if you chip an attack on a province and don't show.

pmdanie96 #3 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 16:40

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I think it works fine. most clans that have more than 2 properties within the same time zone offset them from the get go. It just involves paying attention when you pick up properties. 


Allowing you to change times after a battle is set is really not a viable option. This can easily be abused by the defending team as well.

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