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NordicWulfy #1 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 04:02


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Please ignore, or dont. Im not a cop. Training room game mode, rules were posted for friends.


Grand Theft Panzer - World of Tanks game mode

recommended minimum player limit - 5

Team 1 - Police/Armoured Car
Team 2 - Civilians

The goal of the game is simple. Play according to your role and win. Each role has different parameters for winning, so keep that in mind. The atmosphere of the game is based on grand theft auto, so its up to the player to incorporate their own roleplay elements to the game, by being a super cop that can not be stopped, or a psychopath junkie who will stop at nothing to [edited]up your day.

Police Force
-The police are comprised of the most powerful tanks in the game. Before hand, the players decide who will be the police and determine the fairness factor. Their job is to guard the city from falling into chaos using brute force and proper protocol. 
-If the armoured car is destroyed in a legal fashion, a mass murderer kills all the other civilians, or if everyone is all dead before the timer runs out, the police lose. 
-Police can never loiter an area, meaning they have to keep moving. Exception is watching over an arrested suspect.
-They also have to respond to 911 calls, and drive to the coordinates given by the caller to inspect the call. If the call proves to be a waste of the officers time, the officer can dish out a punishment they deem to be appropriate.
-There can be only one dirty cop, meaning this cop can win the game by legally destroying the armoured car. There must be a minimum of 2 policeman officers for this to take an affect. The person who is recognized to be the dirty cop is the first cop to act on the attempt. Whether they succeed or not, they are labeled a criminal for the rest of the game. Obviously the rest of the department has to watch out for that.

The Armoured Car
-This will be a difficult role to play, because they have to be fast, diligent, and also fair. This role works with the police and wins with them. The tank choice for this role can be anything that is generally accepted to be a vehicle that can be rammed to death by most other tanks.
-The few exceptions are tanks that are super heavy, such as Maus or Kv-5, and light tanks with too much health. Those are not acceptable choices for the AC.
-The AC has to choose a route that goes around the map, which they will follow unless they feel immediately threatened. If the threat is gone, they go back to their route. The AC may only fire if they are shot at first.

-Ram it to death.
-IF the tank is too fast to ram, it may be de-tracked but if it sustains hull damage shooting the AC is no longer legal.
-Drown it.


Civilians comprise the rest of the players. They can choose their own route to victory, making them the most diverse part of this game! It's up to the player to decide who they want to be. Civilians can change their role at any time, but they have to be pretty convincing or else the police officer might not be convinced.
-They can be a law-abiding citizen, a vigilante that fights crime, a gangbanger, or a serial killer. It doesn't matter who they choose to be, anyone can suddenly snap and win by achieving a goal, because goals are not cemented in. 
-Utilize the camouflage of innocence to carry out any dark goals you have in mind.
-Vigilantes are people who carry out their own means to stop criminal scum instead of sitting by and having the police do it. This is an advanced role, for the very ones you are trying to protect may stop you out of fear.
-The gangbanger role just means that people are teaming up together to carry out their efforts to get the armoured car. If the gangbangers succeed, they all win. 
-The serial killer role is solitary, so only one can win. There may be more than one SK, so many may bring chaos to the city, but they must fight it out to the death to determine the deadliest killer around.

Shooting is legal for everyone, as per guidelines stated above.

The Police- Protect and serve the law abiding civilians and the AC.
The AC- Survive the match.
Law abiding Civvies- Survive the match with the police.
Vigilante- Become the Dark Knight and serve justice. Be wary, for no one can know your true purpose. Survive the match with the police.
Gangbangers- Kill the AC and/or the police.
Serial Killer- Kill all the other civvies. Police are optional, but not required.

Remember, try to immerse yourself into your role, and have fun!

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power_Donky #2 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 04:30


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This sounds like fun

NordicWulfy #3 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 04:59


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thanks, I hope you try it out for yourself :)

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