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fan art Tank Art no tanks IMADETHISFORWG@wargaming.net

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2ndAD2015MPD #1 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 19:09


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Long live World of Tanks!

I do not want the prize!
​Also what ever tank art chosen to win, I will snail mail the original art to Wargaming.


I dedicate the war series to my favorite game in the whole wide world; World of Tanks. I show a cool 2NDAD metal my wife used to wear on her dress uniform. I also show my Middletown Police Department patch given to me by one of my friends on the force also my dad's friends too. The reason for this is to explain my call name on World of Tanks; 2NDAD2015MPD. See: Radman_art Video's About My Art part 6 Started by 2ndAD2015MPD, Mar 09 2017.



Fixed all the links; check them out please.


I spent hours sending emails to: IMADETHISFORWG@wargaming.net  all my best tank art in every email, and that takes hours to do.

 See: http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/contests/imadethisforwg-march/


Send IMADETHISFORWG@wargaming.net a email if you think I should win the contest.


I spent almost one year creating tank art for this forum! If you don't believe me see here:

I started a new series called Rad Tanks Man:


First Series USA WW2 Tank:
Part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ii/
Part III: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-iii/
Part IV: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-iv/
Part V: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-v/
Part VI: http://forum.worldof...i/#entry9982897
Part VII: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-vii/
Part VIII: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-viii/
Part IX: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ix/
Part X: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-x/
Part XI: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xi/
Part X: http://forum.worldof...man-art-part-x/
Part XI: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-ix/
Part XII: http://forum.worldof.../#entry10059853
Part XIII: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xiii/


Second and Newest series Rad Tanks Man:


Part I of part II: XIV: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xiv/
Part II of part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xv/
Part III of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xvi/
Part IV of part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xvii/
Part V of part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xviii/
Part VI of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xix/
Part VII of part II: http://forum.worldof...an-art-part-xx/
Part VIII of part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xxi/

Part IX of part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xxii/

Part X of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxiii/

Part XI of Part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xxix/

Part XII of Part II: http://forum.worldof...n-art-part-xxx/

Part XIII of Part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xxxi/

Part XIV of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxxii/

Part XV of Part II: http://forum.worldof...rt-part-xxxiii/
Part XVI of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxxiv/
Part XVII of Part II: http://forum.worldof...-art-part-xxxv/

Part XVIII of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxxvi/

Part XIX of Part II: http://forum.worldof...rt-part-xxxvii/
Part XX of Part II: http://forum.worldof...t-part-xxxviii/
Part XXI of Part II: http://forum.worldof...art-part-xxxix/



I like to draw tanks because I like to draw mechanical things. I can draw many things beside tanks that are mechanical. I sent this email to: IMADETHISFORWG@wargaming.net and it did no good!:

If you select a piece of art from this page: http://radmanart2ndh...anks-2016.html  as a winner I will create a tank watercolor painting for you.


Long live World of Tanks!

The art critics never get me down. I went to college for 8 years from the years 2000 to 2008 and was a 4.0 grade average, student. I used to get snail mail all the time from the college Mensa club trying to get me to join. I took about 8 painting classes and 4 drawing classes and got straight A's in every class. Cathy Cotter-Smith: http://www.collin.ed...rsmith_bio.html

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b00merBoy #2 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 19:21

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Just so you know none of the links to First Series USA WW2 Tank: and Second and Newest series Rad Tanks Man: work.

ltivanova #3 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 19:39


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that is some good art man

Kamahl1234 #4 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 19:59


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I find this kind of funny, you're trying to tell us that we will decide whether or not you will create tank art ever again, like somehow winning this contest is the only reason you do so. 


There's a certain would be dictator that happened to have a similar problem when in art school and not getting the recognition that he felt was deserved for his art. Don't let not winning some contest define your art. That's silly and frankly not very good for your creative abilities. Why should not winning stop you from doing something you enjoy?

Ak_Lonewolf #5 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 20:03

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Sorry, but your art is mediocre. I suggest to not be so entitled about it.... If your art was amazing then sure... I can understand the entitlement but... jeez. 

Errants #6 Posted Mar 08 2017 - 20:39


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View PostAk_Lonewolf, on Mar 08 2017 - 13:03, said:

Sorry, but your art is mediocre. I suggest to not be so entitled about it.... If your art was amazing then sure... I can understand the entitlement but... jeez. 


And, OP, making ultimatums DEFINITELY wins friends.

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