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Clan war camo for season 5

camo clan wars season 5

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Piplup_ #21 Posted May 22 2017 - 23:23

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The tier 8 map was a literal waste of time. You would of made more gold grinding tier 10 missions, and had a chance to get a camo. Felonz probably made more then any of the clans that tried to do tier 8 clan wars, and were worse then most of them that held a good amount of land on tier 8.

Apoculis #22 Posted May 23 2017 - 23:48


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We did this campaign to prove you don't need to be a Purple or Blue to get anything out of Wargaming, though it does defiantly help can't argue that. If your in a clan that's determined to better yourself, and not afraid to get your azz kicked night after night...spend the 100k to sometimes 500k of silver in ammo and repairs each night, and most important enjoy being around your clanmates and be on and available for battle as much as your family will let you...our wives rock..., You can't help but improve. Felonz has come a long way but I'm still proud to be called a [edited]LORD...a [edited]LORD with a 2nd place Medel and new Camo for my E-100.

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