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The Death of Arty - is everyone happy now?

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hge_1 #321 Posted May 07 2017 - 20:28


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View PostGasai__Yuno, on Mar 16 2017 - 20:14, said:


What is the TRUTH is not an INSULT.

SEE the difference, my friend.





You know, if I wanted to kill myself, I think I would climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level.

Wrath_Of_Conn #322 Posted May 08 2017 - 03:05


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View Posthge_1, on May 07 2017 - 13:28, said:


You know, if I wanted to kill myself, I think I would climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level.


Try not stumble on your ignorance.  Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................................

t42592 #323 Posted May 15 2017 - 08:02


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View PostWrath_Of_Conn, on Mar 16 2017 - 11:04, said:


I have applied to the Sandbox as a tester. I am an all arty player and I am an above average player (WN8 1086, 20K games Recent WN8 of 1460). I want to be part of this development as it stands a very great probably to effect my entire gaming experience. I have watched the YouTube video that your developer's have commented on these reclassification of arty. I have clan members in the sandbox and received their feedback on the redevelopment of the arty functions. I am concerned that not enough arty players are in the sandbox. My concerns are in order of importance:

1) As arty I will no longer be able to defend myself at the end of games. When lights particularly arty hunt. With the reduction in alpha and this stun mechanism, arty will not be able to kill anything that is coming in on it. NOT a great gaming experience.

2) At tiers 8-10 arty currently does have a place in clan wars. With this redevelopment of our capabilities, there is no reason for a clan to bring a tank that already has smaill HP life when the tanks Alpha is reduced. I have talked a with top 100 clan (Triad) and many lowered ranked clans (my own clan is ranked 432), and strategically and tactically there is not any perceived benefit to bringing this "new" arty to clan wars. NOT a great gaming experience.

3) Counter battery is obsolete. There is not any point in stunning opposing arty. One of the key roles arty plays is counter battery. Removing enemy arty is one of my primary roles as it allows my team to be more offensive. The reduction of the alpha means I can not kill an arty with one shot (thinking of the T10 Bat Chat arty) and stunning is a moot point because my forces are too far away at the beginning of the game to take advange of the stun. NOT a great gaming experience.

4) I have spent approximately $2000.00 USD over the past two years for gold and premiuim accounts for my husband's account.(Green_Griffin WN8 1189 clan TRIAD) gifts to clan members for good performance, and my own account. I invest in this game.  I am being made ineffective by these changes and can not add any value to the games I enjoy, clan wars, advances, detach. These changes I believe are meant to pacify the public matches. Your developer's state that this is a means of having pub teams include arty more in their strategy and game play. You are not in touch with your game. Pub's do not form platoons very often. Most platoons come as platoons from the MM. Pub matches aren't very strategic. It is more a straight up tactical battle with tanks (hopefully) going to positions that best suit their particular tank. Again, this will NOT promote arty inclusion to public play. NOT a great gaming experience.

5) The arrogance of the developer's in your You Tube video was just staggering. Yes, they know how much arty is hated. Yes, they are going to deal with arty mechanics to pacify everyone. This may not be a direct quote but the staggering arrogance of a company to address a class many of us love and have invested in is appalling. So you understand, I can only one shot a full health heavy if they are at least one tier down from me, usually two tiers. I have to run a premium shell with splash to do it as well. These heavies are usually sitting still in the open, ie, they dont play their tank well. I do admit that on rare occassion I have one shot a light on the run, but, I truly believe that has more to do with 4 perks skills on my crew, good rng, and some level of skill on my part than as the single attribute of the tank class I am in.

6) I do not know if I will get the standard reply from you on this ticket (Thank you we will investigate) or if you will get me in the Sandbox where I can legitimately provide my feedback to your developers) I can not just sit and wait for my game mechanics (Arty) to so drastically change, without trying to be part of their development.

7) With these changes I can pretty much forget about getting a Top Gun, High Caliber, Bombardier, Radley Walters, or Kolobanov's medal every again. (Yes, I have all of them).




4/11/17 Note

We will no longer get to play with clan members.  This is insane.  It is a social game and now I will not be able to toon with my friends, clan members.  WG should have just taken arty out of the game.  This is just arty being sh!& on by wargaming. - Wrath


"No artillery in Platoons. You were vocal about mismatched scenarios, when a Platoon of three SPGs was placed at the top of the list and the team ended up with three long-range support fire vehicles as their main strength. The other frustrating issue was frequent cases of arty giving its all to support fellow Platoon-members and totally neglecting the rest of the team. To eliminate both problems, we decided to stop SPGs from forming and joining Dynamic and regular Platoons. Removing the option to play in Platoons should facilitate team cooperation and aid the matchmaker in creating balanced teams. Individual Battle Missions were updated accordingly. We removed Platoons from their conditions."




My initial comments echoed above.


IMO, this single decision by Wargaming will inevitably result in less arty players coming to Frontline, or any map for this matter.  Those of us (I'm a die-hard arty player since WoT birth and beta testing days) will again be discouraged from spending any time (or money) on improving our arty lines.


Nice move, Wargaming.

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