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game crashes all the way to windows screen

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PAWGgrillman #1 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 05:18


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several times a night my game will crash all the to windows screen resulting in my logging back in to find in most instances that I have been killed while idle my ip is

rich73 #2 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 05:24


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Yep..the last patch was bad and even before there was trouble for some.And this mini patch has made things worse.UI is so screwed,most times cant get mission details to show up,lost crew voice for a few battles,couldnt platoon the odd time,couldnt blacklist the other day.the game is clunkier every patch.Just imagine what will happen when they go to the improved graphics.From what i have seen,WG needs to get a handle on fixing things before introducing more changes that will for sure be headaches for many players.

Harkonen_siegetank #3 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 06:07


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IP have nothing to do with crashes.

DeathNACan #4 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 06:12


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Most application crashes, games included, can be usually attributed to the following:


1.  A mod. (Uninstall the mod after you figure out which one it is).

2.  The game recording feature of World of Tanks.  This happened to me a lot. (Turn off the game recording feather within the game)

3.  Bad drivers.  (Can be corrected by either updating drivers or rolling back to stable one)

4. Corrupt files. (Can be corrected using chkdsk or, in worse case senarios, reinstalling the game)

5.  Fragmented files on the hard drive.   and file defragmenter).

6. Fragmented registry. (Can be corrected using a registry defragmenter).

7.  Temp files left in the system from application installs or crashes.  (Can be corrected using a program like CCleaner).

8.  Network programs like lag or packet loss causing data corruption to the applications.  Rare.

9.  A graphic driver setting.

10.  Having two sound adapters enabled and not specifing which one the game should use (Rare, but it happens).

11.  Two applications trying to access the same resources at the same time.  This could be files or a device.  Very rare but it happens.  First place I'd look would be an anti-virus, firewall or maleware utility.


Hope this helps.



Bob_5000 #5 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 07:03

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yea, besides the bad lag thats been around since last patch, my game failed to load in a game, uninstalled all my mods, stopped crashing. didnt care to look for which mod

kebab6597 #6 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 09:53


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Do you have an AMD graphics card OP ? if so try this fix


Make a shortcut to your WOT exe then right click on it select properties and under the "shortcut" tab look in the target line leave a space after any text allready in there then paste this text


-clientGraphicsAPI d3d9


It will force the game to use DX9 and could fix your crashes hope it helps fix is thanks to Punk_Dude BTW from this post http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/534214-fix-for-rx480-ctd-tested-and-works/page__p__10816610#entry10816610

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