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Joke or Scam? Daily Missions to Unlock the T25 Pilot FREE

Marathon T25 Pilot Fee Daily missions Scam push joke waste of time rules not clear

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Drachenlanze #101 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 17:35


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I don't think it is a joke or a scam. The tank costs $32.37 but people can obtain discounts by completing some missions.


Yesterday took me all day to complete the mission but I was goofing around a lot playing the Leo to get the Emil. On the plus side I managed to "accidentally" complete MT-15 for the T55A after more than a year of not really giving it much thought. The MT-15 "mission completed" notification popped up after one of my last battles in the Leo before upgrading to the Emil. Very nice surprise!


The one for today is kind of daunting for me. Ten wins as a top three XP earner can be difficult. That would average out to twenty battles for me just to win, never mind being in the top three. Maybe light tanks doing a ton of spotting and tracking? Churchill III spamming damage at tier 5? Some players know exactly which tanks to use for what missions, I'm just not one of them. I guess I'll find out soon enough if it is a "mission completed" day or a token day, LOL.



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Drachenlanze #102 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 22:17


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For fun I kept track and I have to say it was a much better day than yesterday with a much better win rate than usual for me. I got really lucky. I was thinking at least forty battles but I made it in thirty.

Win 10 battles as one of the top three XP earners on your team.
Valentine II Defeat 7  
Pz B2 Victory 7  
T 28 F30 Victory 5  
Valentine II Victory 7  
M4 Imp. Defeat 3  
T14 Victory 3 *
M4 Imp. Victory 5  
Pz T 25 Victory 2 *
RAM II Victory 11  
Turan III Victory 13  
Stug IV Defeat 9  
Pz III K Victory 12  
Stug IV Victory 11  
Pz IV Hydr Defeat 2  
Pz IV Hydr Victory 1 *
Matilda IV Victory 4  
Churchill III Victory 5  
SU-85I Victory 3 *
KV-220-2 Defeat 1  
KV-220-2 Victory 1 *
Excelsior Victory 1 *
105 leFH 18 B2 Victory 2 *
Chi-Nu-Kai Defeat 7  
SU-100Y Victory 1 *
Fury Defeat 14  
Pz IV S Victory 5  
Fury Victory 2 *
AC 4 Exp Defeat 13  
Skoda T 40 Defeat 5  
Rudy Victory 1 *
  21 & 9    

landedkiller #103 Posted Mar 20 2017 - 02:24


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All I know the lag has been horrible and that they should hold off on these missions till it is fixed

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