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Tier levels

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trcountry #1 Posted Aug 12 2011 - 18:56


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1- How do tell what level u are & what does that mean.
2-Is their a way to stay in lower levels I'm 47 I can't run my tank fast like most the other gamers

Gaglug #2 Posted Aug 12 2011 - 19:08


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The tanks are arranged by tiers in a tree structure.

You play in one tank, and earn XP and ingame credits.   When you earn enough xp and credits, you can unlock new tanks.   These tanks are generally a little better than the previous tanks.   You can easily view these tech trees ingame, and you can view your research progress towards new tanks there as well.

You can play your entire WoT career in tier 1 if you like.   You can spend lots of time unlocking tanks and get to tier 10 if you like.

You are never forced to advance, you can keep playing your older lower tier tanks for as long as you like.

Irrik #3 Posted Aug 12 2011 - 19:31


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Tier level

If you want good matchmaking, pick a tank that is good for the tier it is in. Many of the tanks in the game are bad.

Tier 2 light and medium tanks (not spg's or tank destroyers) get very favorable matchmaking. The BT-2 and PZII are good.

Tier 3 has a great "sit back and shoot" tank in the Marder II.

Tier 4 has a great sit back and shoot tank in the T-28, the best tier 4 in the game, and a great sniper.

I wouldn't worry about reflexes. With tanks taking 2 seconds to aim their guns, this is not a twitch shooter. It's all about controlling angles and line of sight, understanding game mechanics, intelligent positioning, and outthinking your opponent.

And, of course, playing a powerful tank. A lot of the tanks in the game are just garbage. Either because the components synergize very poorly, or because the tank is too high a "tier", meaning it gets unfavorable matchmaking.

What tier your tank is basically only matters for 3 reasons.

1: it determines what your repair costs and income will be. Higher tier tanks have more repair costs and earn more money for doing the same thing. There is a sweet spot of maximum profitability around tier 5/6. Everything below always makes small amounts of money and experience. Above that and you start losing money when you have bad matches due to repairs. This varies by individual tank, but is a very good indicator generally of what you can expect to earn while driving a tank.

2: It is a very very VERY ballpark estimate of how dangerous the opposition is. If you are tier 3, expect a tier 5 tank to kill you in one hit. This is often inaccurate, but until you gain knowledge of the characteristics of specific tanks, it's useful.

3, and most important, it determines what type of matches against what type of tanks you can be placed in. Take your tank type and tier, and reference this chart. Note that not only does your tier matter, not only does your tank type matter, but also, some tanks have specific exceptions. The bison, at the bottom, has specifically worse matchmaking than other tier 2 self propelled guns. http://forum.worldof...-making-system/

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