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BUG: WoT traps Print-Screen key even when in background

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kuro466 #1 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 20:57


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WoT seems to capture the print screen key GLOBALLY. This means, when WoT is running, it's no longer possible to PrintScreen or Alt-PrintScreen (capture a window), even if WoT is not the foreground application.


How to reproduce:


1) run WoT in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode

2) alt-tab to another window

3) press alt-printscreen to cature that window to the clipboard, then paste it somewhere

4) WITNESS: it didn't capture the window. instead WoT grabbed the print-screen and did it's own WoT screen capture


EXPECTED: WoT to only grab print-screen key while it's in the foreground.

Ndtm #2 Posted Mar 17 2017 - 21:02


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WoT has been hooking that key even while minimized for many patches now (probably since the start), no idea when it started but i experienced it myself some time ago

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