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Why do players never flip tanks?

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mattwong #21 Posted Mar 18 2017 - 20:44


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View PostMedessec, on Mar 18 2017 - 14:29, said:

I think 30 seconds is a bit too short of a hot timer before the tank kills itself. I've seen people roll their tanks and I try to help them out, but I either can't manage to roll them completely back again, or I don't get there in time before the timer hits 0 and the tank just auto-explodes. I understand that when a tank is upside down the turret mechanisms are getting wrecked and the engine stalls as the oil is seeping into the cylinders... so it could be a technically inspired timer, but that shouldn't be a priority in light of WoT's current balancing.


Tank turrets are only held on by gravity, since they were never designed to go sideways or inverted.  Also, the suspension was never designed to take the weight of the tank on a 45 degree angle, which it must pass through in order to be flipped sideways.  I don't think a tank would function at all if it were flipped sideways and then flipped down onto its tracks again.

dmckay #22 Posted Mar 18 2017 - 20:47


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I will help if I can if there is no risk of getting killed....but often there is. You are vulnerable doing this.  You get killed helping then that is 2 tanks out of the game.  Someone said it's situational.  I agree.

Nightrager7 #23 Posted Mar 18 2017 - 20:56


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There are some tanks that if you roll over upsidedown, you can forget flipping back over. The E25 is one that's impossible to right if it is on it's lid

BaconMeLoveIt #24 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 00:05


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For some players who are a bit far away from your tank, they may not know if your tank is flipped over just by sending SOS. You have to use chat.

Some just don't care to help.

Viper69 #25 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 03:19


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View Postmattwong, on Mar 18 2017 - 13:45, said:


Everybody gets careless and makes mistakes from time to time.  It doesn't mean they have nothing to contribute.


sure they do now. They are a target.

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